View Full Version : Computer hangs with WebCam NX Pro drivers installed

01-20-2005, 11:30 AM
I recently purchased a Creative Web Cam NX Pro and installed it on my notebook computer. I run Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed as well as all current updates applied. Since I installed the device and all of the software I have had at least one and usually two or more total system hangs daily. absolutely nothing works once this happens. No mouse, keyboard, nothing that generates interrupts, such as opening and closing a dvd drive or unplugging USB devices etc brings the system back. It never fails that I seem to loose at least an hour or two of source code updates when this happens. When the system hangs like this the only way to get the system back is to power-down the system, thus loosing all of my work. Extremely frustrating to say the least.

I contacted Microsoft to see if they had any idea what was causing the system to hang and we went through a list of things that I has added to the system recently and when I said that I had added a webcam I was immediately instructed to un-install the the entire software package and drivers which I did. Since then the system has not hung once in over a week. So I do believe that the webcam is the source of my computer hang problems. The day that I uninstalled the software and hardware I contacted Creative's tech support and asked them if they knew of any such problems, to which the replied that they had not heard of such issues. we also checked to make sure that I had the most current drivers installed and I did.

I'd like to know if any other individuals have had trouble with their systems hanging after they have installed the Creative WebCam NX Pro software and drivers. Also I'd like to know if there is any way that I can return the device for a credit because the way it stands I can no longer use the device on my system.

I must say that the original reason that I purchased the Creative WebCam is that I have had nothing but top notch experiance with Creative devices in the past. This situation however is not tolerable. I really can't afford to lose 0 or more hours a week of productivity time because of a software or hardware bug.


Larry Coates