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Thread: Audigy 2 software install

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    Audigy 2 software install CD

    Hey guys maybe you can help me out...

    I bought a Audigy 2 used with no CD.. i've installed it in XP Pro and i can get sound no problem, but i cannot record anything from my mic? I'm wondering if there is a mass of software i am missing? I looked through the downloads and don;t think i've found what i need...

    Words of wisdom please


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    Re: Audigy 2 software install CD


    Go to Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio devices. Click on the Advanced button.

    It should bring out a Playback Control Window. Ensure that the microphone has not been muted.


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    Re: Audigy 2 software install CD

    hi jason, how/where can i get the install cd ?

    i've lost mine

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    Re: Audigy 2 software install CD


    Where do you li've? If you're in the US or Asia, contact Customer Support to see if they can supply you with the CD.

    If you're in Europe, you can get it through the online store.


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    Re: Audigy 2 software install CD


    I bought by Audigy 2 Platinum about 3 years ago retail and installed it on my box with the included Driver CD. I have since had to do a reinstallation, but cannot locate the CD anywhere...and none of the drivers on the site work. Please help!

    What is the exact driver I need to install (that will be recognized) and what is the exact link to that driver.


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    Re: Audigy 2 software install CD

    what if i li've in south africa, can u help me with a link where i can download the neccessary creative software pack cd contents


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