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Thread: Creative T7700 and DTS-100 Decoder (PROBLEMS, PLEASE HELP)

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    Creative T7700 and DTS-100 Decoder (PROBLEMS, PLEASE HELP)


    I purchased a Creative T7700 Speaker system and DTS-100 Decoder the other week but so far have had no luck getting it to work. I use a Gigabyte GA-K8NS ULTRA motherboard which came with an audio combo kit that supports 7.1. I did everything the logical way, Connecting the black wire to black socket in speaker and red tabbed wire to the red socket in speaker, I then connected each speaker to the sockets at the back of subwoofer. Then I connected the audio cables (grey, blue, orange, black) from sub to the Decoder switch, then connected the other wires from switch to the audio jacks at the back of the PC(blue plug to blue socket, black plug to black socket, orange plug to orange socket), The I connected the hardwired plugs in decoder switch to the decoder. Finally, I plugged the mains power to the decoder and subwoofer but got no sound at all. I checked the 7.1 was set up on computer and it was.

    HAS ANYONE ANY IDEAS WHY I GET NO SOUND? :smileyindifferent:

    1. I know I have power cause the circular green light on volume and bass controller is on.
    2. I have the decoder set to analogue and tried 1,2 and 3.
    3. I have tried changing the decoder switch between decoder and PC.
    4. I checked I have the decoder and subwoofer set to 7.1
    5. I know it isnt a problem with computer or decoder because when I plug earphones into the green audio jack in either the PC or Decoder I get sound (Although I have the decoder switch set to "PC"meaning the decoder just sits there with its little green lights making no difference at all).


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