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Thread: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system

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    Re: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system...

    It's impossible to install any Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Aplication (Directly or manually from the original product CD) Only basic drivers can be installed!!!

    Creative drivers enables only 2. sound and KX drivers enables 5.!!! A temporal solution!!!

    Creative designers on holidays?

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    Re: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system...

    Regarding installing Creative apps individually, I've never tried it myself, and frankly I'm skeptical that it would work. I was only reporting what I saw on a discussion board, where at least one guy said he did it.

    For all -- the KX project driver and apps are mainly aimed at musicians and, to my eye, seem to provide much better functionality, performance, and support than the Creative drivers. In contrast, Creative is aiming at gamers and DVD playback primarily.

    What you don't get with KX project driver include EAX functionality (games), THX (DVDs), etc.

    Plus, the KX drivers can work in spite of the EEPROM problem.

    As a musician/sound engineer, I'm thrilled to find the KX Project!

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    Re: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system...

    Tried installing apps individually but doesn't work for me...

    Working on kX drivers too... And don't set your hopes on the CL designers, this issue is known for about 3 years now, and they are still denying that this many people have this problem, and last time they told me they offered a good solution already... Great, just great, haven't seen anything but temp. workarounds...

    Getting a new system now but my card's warranty has expired... Now what...

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    Re: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system...

    My card just did the same thing 'NO Sound Card DETECTION with AUDIGY 2 and Win XP SP2' and I found the solution by mere chance.
    In fact I have purchased an Audigy 2 card two years ago and didn't like the plastic outputs. So I purchased an Audigy 2?ZX a month later thinking that I would return the first one and I forgot to. I changed my motherboard yesterday?having purchased a new clockable one.
    I?overclocked the motherboard by a small 0% before installing all the pci's I have, just to try. In fact, I left it overclocked and installed all the?PCI's after. The Audigy 2 ZX was not recognised by the installation?CD. I could install manually all the softwares on the CD except 2. THX and another thing. I found that there was no equalizer and I hated the idea.
    I worked on this and google for hours today. After dinner, I remembered I had another Audigy 2 in the cupboard. So I took it out, removed all Creative software on the PC through ADD/Remove. then uninstalled all the creative stuff in Control panel/system/hardware/device manager. then uninstalled the driver through the file CTZAPXX.EXE on the cd-rom.
    I then shut off the PC , removed overclocking, replaced the cards and after boot, the CD-rom software recognized the card at once.
    So I presume that the card has a chip, were it is recognised with. (EPROM) and this gets erased.
    after all was working, I switched back the cards, and all was excellent.
    so if you can get hold of another card for a couple of minutes, install the?new card and all will go well. After, you just have to replace the cards. Beware not to keep your PC overclocked. I thing its the extra voltage to the PCI's that erases the eprom.
    phew, I hope this hel


    02-26-06 / Paris, France

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    Re: Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system...

    I've worked out an easy solution for this problem. When you run Li'veDrvUni-Pack(ENG).exe it extracts files to a temp directory, usually in docs and settings. Do a search for the folder 'AudioHQ'. When you have found that folder move up two directories and you should see a folder called CRF000 or similar. Make a copy of this folder because as its only a temp folder it will soon be deleted.

    This folder has all the apps and drivers and running it through this folder bypasses the detection problem.

    I installed the drivers manually but i assume it works using the CTZAPXX.exe program in the drivers folder.


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