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Thread: How do I remove the "Creative Product Registration" scre

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    How do I remove the "Creative Product Registration" screen?

    I am trying to remove the Creative Product Registration Gentle Reminder screen from coming up on my computer.

    I have uninstalled all Creative Software. The screens that come up allowed me to, eventually, hit Cancel like Jason suggested, and instruct the software to not remind me anymore.

    Why did this software remain on my computer if I uninstalled all the Creative software? I would like to know where it li'ves on my hard dri've and what registry keys it is using so that I can wipe it 00% clean.


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    Re: How do I remove the "Creative Product Registration" screen?

    This is how I stop and kill processes I don't want...

    When the registration dialog is visible run MSINFO32, check under Software Environment > Running Tasks. Sort by path and look for tasks that seems to be the likely one. Then cancel the registration dialog, refresh MSINFO32, and check again. If it's gone you've found it. If you're happy searching the registry, check for the process and delete entries relating to it, also delete the EXE itself. This should stop it

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    Re: How do I remove the "Creative Product Registration" screen?

    I found a fix for this infuriating problem. After you have registered your product if you so desire, and the "Creative Product Registration"?gentle reminder won't go away, follow these steps:?. Start > Run > type "msconfig" > Enter.2. Click on the Start-up tab.3. Un-check the box next to the Creative Online Product Registration entry (I forget the exact name).4. Confirm your changes and restart computer.5. When your computer boots up again, navigate to \Program Files\Creative and delete the entire? "Product Registration" folder. Note: This step is probably unecessary, but it sure is satisfying.

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    Re: How do I remove the "Creative Product Registration" screen?

    THANK YOU DanielCopelin! It worked!!!

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