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    Windows startup items

    Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased and installed a X-Fi Platinum card. I am wondering what some of the new windows startup items are and if they are necessary:


    Anybody know what these items do and if the are necessary?


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    Re: Windows startup items

    No idea really as to emulator, Im assuming ctxfihlp is like the old cthelper just designed for X-fi & I think the RC one is the thing so you can control via remote. Mind you, this is guessworkIf you really wanna know what they are you might want to r-click each file and view properties

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    Re: Windows startup items

    I would like to know more about these too.
    Are any of them required or rec. to start-up?

    I removed all of them from starting up.
    Card sounds great and gaming sound great too without any starting up.

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