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Thread: SB LIve! 5.1 I need Surround Mixer

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    SB LIve! 5.1 I need Surround Mixer :(

    Hello I have SB Li've! 5. model number: SB0060 Serial: MSB006020072037

    I am downloading pack of soft for this card from creative official site, and installing it. Everything works, I have sound, Audio HQ, but i dont have Surroud Mixer installed.
    I have no idea where i can get it from since official creative site doesnt provide pack with it. Funny is that when Iam installing it it asks me what do I want to install on my computer: Drivers, Mixer, Diagnostic, and Audio HQ. I mark all of them and only drivers and Audio HQ is installed.

    I do have oryginal CD with soft but my operation system XP, doesnt want to work with it

    So where i can get Surround Mixer for SB Li've! 5.

    Thank You in advance

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    Re: SB LIve! 5.1 I need Surround Mixer :(

    This should work.

    However, you'll need to unzip the exe with WinZip or something and then go TWO DIRECTORY LEVELS DOWN in the extracted folder and run the SETUP.EXE. If you don't, the installer two levels up will moan about not having an Audigy.

    This app is identical for the Audigy and the Li've under XP.

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