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Thread: Creative Webcam CT6840

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    Creative Webcam CT6840

    I baught this webcam a long time ago, I don't remeber the date, but I got this over sea's in U.A.E but anyways I got to download the software to the webcam like 2 years ago i think.. or it was last year,, but now unfortunally I can't find the software to download. Please help if you can

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    Re: Creative Webcam CT6840

    Thats a webcam 3 USB AFAIK. There are drivers for this on the driver download page.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Creative Webcam CT6840

    Well thanks, but if you can link me to that driver download,please, and thank you:smileytongue:

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    Re: Creative Webcam CT6840

    Please note that the product you have selected has been classified as "End of Service Life"

    meaning you dont provide with a driver anymore? im searching for a 32 driver but ill be needing a 64 bit driver to soon.
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    Re: Creative Webcam CT6840

    No, there will not be any further driver updates for that product.

    If you click on "Search Archive for Updates", you can see which drivers are available.

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    Re: Creative Webcam CT6840

    Thanks a lot guys but I got it figured out...

    Thanks a lot

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