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Thread: Creative Zen Micro won't turn

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    reative Zen Micro won't turn on

    Creative Zen Micro -
    When I plug the usb into a computer, it has the charge icon in the top right corner of the screen. If I attemp to turn it on, while plugged in, the creative sceen come on, and then dissapears. When it is not plugged into the computer, I get no repsponse what so ever. I haven't attmpted to reset it. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Creative Zen Micro won't turn on

    Try resetting it. It won't harm your player nor delete any files.

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    Re: Creative Zen Micro won't turn on

    I did, and still nothing. Is this a lost cause?

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    Re: Creative Zen Micro won't turn on

    Try starting the player into Recovery Mode, see if that works:

    <EM>Ensure that the Zen Micro is turned off.</EM>

    <EM>Remove the battery.</EM>

    <EM>Move and hold the Power button to the Power On position and re-insert the battery to the Zen Micro. Hold the Power button until the rescue mode appears. </EM>

    <EM>The following options will be displayed:</EM>

    <EM>) Clean Up (Performs a disk scan on the players harddisk)</EM>

    <EM>2) Format All (Formats the players harddisk - Note: all contents will be lost)</EM>

    <EM>3) Reload OS (Reloads the Operating System on the Jukebox. Note: Reloading your OS, will not effect the contents of the files stored on your Zen Micro) Caution: Do not select this option until a firmware update has been downloaded onto the PC</EM>

    <EM>4) Reboot (Reboots the device).</EM>

    If you can get into Recovery Mode, try the Clean Up first.


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    Re: Creative Zen Micro won't turn on

    I got into recovery mode, and started a scan. But it quits and device turns off right away... This is when it's plugged into the computer. Otherwise, I still get no response. Any thoughts?

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