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Thread: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE

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    Re: how do I fix out of memory problems?

    I have noticed using my creative web cam, that the webcam application must be the only thing I bring up. If I bring up anything else and then try to start it up it will not work. Must be the first and possibly only program (note this is on my older laptop). Second thing. I installed the 'new' application and it hung initializing. I went under (and note there are no guarantees here on this data, so if you don't really know how to do this pelase don't blame me) Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Device Manager. Find the driver loaded from the Web Center and remove it. Reboot. See if that works...... Mine did. THe only issue I have now is it is saving my files with random (to me) names, ie 67895.jpg and it changes. It used to save them as 0.jpg and I could point my webpage to that img file, but now......... pac

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    I noticed that when I upgraded to version 1.71.02, the face tracking utility disappeared. Is this what it is supposed to happen?
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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    Even if you install Service Pack 2 it won't work on your
    HP Pavillion Laptop - I had the same issue when trying to
    install for a user @ my place of work.

    It installs fine on my PC but the driver does not load on the HP Laptop.

    The issue is either Creative related (more than likely)
    or an issue with Windows XP Home on the HP laptops.

    If you have a look in your "Add/Remove Programs" on your HP Laptop you will see that the Driver is not loaded although the Media Center is.

    The camera is poor - I suggest you find another and save yourself anymore headache.

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    Follow this link =&nLanguageFK=&sOSName=Windows+XP&region=&Product_ Name=Li've%2+Ultra+for+Notebooks&Product_ID=49&mod elnumber=&driverlang=033&OS=0&drivertype=0&x=9&y=4

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    Webcam black

    Hello, I've got a webcam live, VF-0050. Recently, when I opened webcam centre, and went to capture, all that came out was a black screen. And when I tried to press capture, it said "failed to capture image". The light on the webcam is on, but the screen is totally black. I've been using the webcam for a year and nothing like this has happened before. The webcam also doesn't appear on my MSN, although the settings are set to "allow others to see that I have webcam". What should I do? I thought there may have been something wrong with the programme, so i re-downloaded it from this site, but it still doesn't work.

    Please help!

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    Hello. I have the Creative Live! Motion 73VF05000000. I really don't want to have to pay the shipping to get it replaced. I'm not sure if the item is defective or what, but it worked with my msn. And then it was all fuzzy on my Yahoo. *It works fine in the creative cam center* And now I just get the rainbow lines for MSN and Yahoo.

    It doesn't work on either messenger so I'm in a fix. With the RMA deadline fast approaching and the shipping fee, I'm a bit peeved, but I'm hoping it's just something I can learn on my part and fix.

    Also, is the motion detection supposed to span in an out spasticly and never focus on an object? Is there something I can do to fix this? Or does this confirm it's defectiveness?
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    please help me, i am new at using web cams & i cant get mic working

    i basically said it in the subject, i have no idea what the problem is. my mom had this camera and did not use it so now it's mine and i have little clue of what i am doing. theres my sob story but heres the deal, i did get the program installed and i can take pictures and video (i'm still playin with the motion dector and time lapse and remote monitoring) my problem is the microphone does not i guess so to say what do i do? i think i understood in something else i read on here that i may need a sound card? if so whats that?

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    i have a webcam NX and lost the installation cd. i've gone to the download site to install the drivers. as i have read in this forum, that this type of webcam can not use the webcam center. does anyone know what i can use to view the webcam? thanks....

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    Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 is HERE!!!

    where on the download page can i download webcam center? i can't seem to find it n e where can someone plz post a link so i can take pics with my cam?

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    l need urgent help to download the fallowing webcame software Live! Cam Vista IM VF0260

    l have bought new a creative li've webcam but can,t install it,s software becouse my labtop,s cd room ,s not working that,s why l need to dowload the fallowing cam,s software pls help me?here,s my webcam,s info > Creative LABS inc. model no. vf0260?pls l need urgent help to install
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