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Thread: Nomad MuVo2 4gb-not longer loading fi

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    Nomad MuVo2 4gb-not longer loading files

    Last night I after adding new songs to my nomad player I got a smart scan alert, unable to get out of recovery mode (even after following all the trouble shooting directions in the manual) I ended up cleaning the storage memory. Now when I try to upload songs to the player I get a Windows (XP) error that it can't get the file to the device. Then the player stalls and is unable to disconnect properly, leading to it either going into scan mode (scenario A in the manual), or I have to pop out the batter to get it to function again. I was able to get an album or two on there but now now I can't even get one song. Is this a larger hardware problem? It was working like a dream previously.

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    Re: Nomad MuVo2 4gb-not longer loading files

    Try a disk cleanup from rescue mode. If you get media errors then it's most likely that the hard disk is failing or has failed.

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