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Thread: Problems with Surround Mixer in SBL

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    Problems with Surround Mixer in SBLive

    I'm using Win98SE with a SB Li've. It was installed in 2000 and has worked fine over the years. Recently I tried to access the Surround Mixer and get an error "failed to load plugins". I have reloaded the softward twice and it seems to load properly, but I still cannot access the mixer. I want to adjust the bass and treble or at least see where they are set now. What is the deal with "plugins"? I seem to be at a dead end here.

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    Re: Problems with Surround Mixer in SBLive

    Are you using VxD or WDM drivers? The newer version of Surround Mixer that comes with the WDM drivers and is similar to the first Audigy's one, has somewhere a button to switch between EAX and the Mixer, or something like that. I haven't used my Li've! for years, so I don't know exactly the naming, but I am sure it has 2 different interfaces where you can switch between them.
    In any case, if Surround Mixer is causing you problems, you may still use Windows' Mixer, located in the Accessories group. At "Play Control" click on Advanced and you should see the bass and treble sliders.

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    Re: Problems with Surround Mixer in SBLive

    Thanks for the response. I believe mine is using the vxd drivers. In addition to reloading the original install disks twice, I also downloaded the software from creative's appeared to be the same build.
    Still don't understand why the mixer will not load...just keeps giving the error about not loading plugins. Oh well... I did make the changes by using Windows mixer.
    Thanks again...

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