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Thread: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

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    Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I noticed there was a thread earlier about a similar problem, but there doesn't seem to be any followup by the original poster.

    I'm having difficulty with my left click button and it seems to be getting worse. It seems to have a "sweet spot" and if you don't click at that particular place, the button may register a double click instead of a single click or it may do nothing at all. A good, firm, uncomfortable click will usually register correctly, but it's not the sort of click you can do in a game for any length of time.

    As I mentioned, this seems to be getting worse and worse. When I started using the mouse, back in January, it worked flawlessly, but it's going rapidly down hill.

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I have the same problem
    I'm gonna ship it back to the retailer, if this post does not give me the help to solve the problem.
    I just can't have a gaming mouse that I can not trust will work when I click the button.
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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    contact customer support, worst case scenario, they swap the mouse for you.
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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    Is the 00mouse fixed? I really want to order one but fear all the trouble I've been reading about.
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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I wouldn't order it yet until they fix the issues. My friend had the very same issue - i told him to get an MX58 but he didn't listen.

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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    The problem has to do with the microswitches. They are ill-suited for mice.

    I'm betting Creative will fix this with the 2020.

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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I purchased my Fatality mouse back in Febuary and it started having the clicking problem in may, I set it up so I could send in my mouse , got my RMA and everything but havent been able to afford to send it in yet.

    Now reading the forums again I dont know if I want to send it in if im just going to get another Fatality Mouse with the same clicking problem, and if they do replace the sensors are they going to charge me for that too? for theyre mistake?

    I wrote customer service trying to find out all that might be involved in this. I really hope something good comes from it. Ill keep you guys updated.

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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    Well what games are you playing? I didn't have this problem until this morning. I woke up after hosting an 8 hour Unreal Tournament 2004 Server and found viruses that someone decided to upload. Not only did I have these virus, my mouse started having this clicking problem. I have to click 5 times just to open any program, shoot in any game that i own, or even browse with firefox. Ive scanned, reinstalled, updated firmware, even found some exe's in my processes that caused it to lag a bit. Personally, I think someone is hacking my hardware somehow. Like the same person who hacked my firewall hardware, that i fixed after finding he put up a block that prevented my firewall from working. Because i believe there is no such glitch or error in the mouse that would cause it to do that after 8 hours of no use, I don't believe your answers unless you have some way of proving it. I MEAN 8 hours of no play compaired to the 8 hours I could have been playing. You say it has something to do with the hardware but if you dont use it, how can that happen. If theres a firmware patch later than march 2006 (because it is almost august 2006) that denies this hack, then i dont what to do other than make a firmware upgrade myself. And then to only find your solution is a lie. I've search sites and Ive seen other mouse hacks such as hiding your arrow so you cant see what to click, but nothing on this "I have to click 20 frickin times". Ill keep looking because everyone else seems to want to find an easier way out. I am a former hacker. There is no easy way.
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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I have the same problem :-(

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    Re: Fatal1ty 101 clicking problem

    I have the same problem i think - my LMB seems to work only if i click pressing it in some point... moreover when i hold LMB it's behaveing like i'm releasing it and pressing again. I hope Creative will take care of us all...

    PS. Oh, and it's getting worse and worse...

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