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Thread: Software for CT6840

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    Software for CT6840

    Does anyone know where I can get software for a CT6840 webcam, it is over 3 years old so as far as Creative are concerned it is not supported.
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    Re: Software for CT6840

    I have the same camera and asked the same question a few months ago, still no response. But if you download the Webcam Center .7.02 software you can get your "motion camera" function to work, but not the "still picture" taking function - Good Luck.
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    Re: Software for CT6840

    The Full CD is available on Emule ... just search for CT6840 ...

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    Re: Software for CT6840

    I don't have the link to the webcam program it came with


    you can use your webcam with videolan VLC it's free and works perfectly with my CT6840 (other wise known as Creative Webcam III)

    Get VLC here: - download the right version for your operating system and install (unzip it).

    Open VLC then press the Ctl and A keys on your keyboard
    (same as clicking File/Open Capture Device on VLC's top menu bar)

    Click the refresh button beside the video device name field then select your webcam from the dropdown field to the left - you can also configure it if you want.(rightmost button) then click OK at the bottom (and click OK or choose your setting preferences for the remaining popup windows) and you should see your webcam in the VLC media player.

    VLC also play all your videoclips (right click any videoclip in windows explorer, then choose Open With then select VLC!


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    Re: Software for CT6840

    Oh BTW to take still webcam pictures using VLC - after configuring it with my instructions above, on VLC's top menu bar click Settings/Preferences then click the box on the bottom where it says Advanced Options.

    Then click video on the left side menu and scroll down on the right, to the video snaptshops directory (or filename) field and enter where you want pictures taken fom your webcam to be stored on your hard dri've. Click Save

    Then while your webcam (or videoclip) is playing in VLC you can click the View menu at the top and choose Snapshot

    If you don't like to use the menu and want to use a hotkey, you can configure hotkeys in Settings/Preferences using the left menu at the bottom - click the plus sign beside Interface and choose Hotkeys be sure and SAVE!

    Hope someone finds this all useful!


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