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Thread: grainy viewing

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    grainy viewing

    When using the webcam in any application the screen is grainy. I have changed the lighting, the position/location of the camera, the speed rate of frames from faster to better quality, the lens dial focus ring and pixel. Im using a dell 4600i with more than enough memory, a sound blaster card "don't recall what one but trust me it's the good one". I believe I have found my way through all the soft wear options to rectify the problem. Don't really want to go through the hassle of returning the cam and purchasing another bran but have seen lesser name brands with wonderful picture quality. ty in advance for any help.


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    Re: grainy viewing

    I forgot to mention I'm using the webcam NX model

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    Re: grainy viewing

    I have the same problem. If you turn the blue thing around the lens it fixes the blurry grainyness, try it

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