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Thread: can't hear from either end.

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    can't hear from either end.

    Hi All ,My problem is that I bought A Creative Webcam NX Ultra 6 month's ago,and I still can't hear anything.And I can't hear my grandchildren. I've tried support with nothing coming of that ,so hopefully someone out there know's what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for reading all this.Dianne
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    Re: can't hear from either end.


    I only got my camera yesterday but there is a setting in the Camera Monitor that you check to capture audio. Click the Webcam Monitor. When it comes up there is a small round icon on the right that says Camera Settings. You have to hold the mouse over it to see what it is. Click that. When the next page comes up, click Video Capture. On that page there is a box that says Audio Settings. Put a check mark in the box that says "Enable audio capture". There is also a box to check for audio in the ArcSoft Video Impression software that came with the camera if you are trying to record in that.

    It's also possible that your microphone isn't turned on in Windows. You'll have to turn it on in your Sounds program in Control Panel. You might have to change some other settings in there too, like what kind of speakers you have, etc. To test your mic you can use Sound Recorder in Accessories. It's a small program and all it does is record and playback but it's good for testing and setting up your sound.

    If you're trying to use it in Yahoo Messenger, the sound might give you a problem. That was my problem last night. Sometimes we could hear each other and sometimes not. I haven't figured out how to work Messenger very well yet.

    Lots of luck! The camera is great but sometimes it takes a while to work out the software and settings in any webcam. I'm trying to figure out if they turn off or not. :smileysurprised:


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