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Thread: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Is

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    HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue


    I wish to run sound from my sound card to my home theater receiver. I have the Audigy 2 ZS sound card, but unfortunately there are no instructions or info of any kind, as it was shipped inside the computer by Dell.

    I want to run an optical cable from the soundcard to the receiver. I looked on my sound card and there is no Toslink connection, so I purchased the Digital I/O Module. My understanding is that the connects to the "Digital Out" on my soundcard and gives me the Toslink connection I need. I then run the Toslink cable from the module to my receiver.

    I've set this up as described and it does not work. I'm not getting any sound and it appears that no signal is being carried.

    I'm sure there is a setting that I need to adjust somewhere, but without the manual and no support, it's hopeless. PLEASE HELP if you can.


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    Re: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue

    Why people don't read instructions BEFORE they buy something?On the website is statd clearly that the Digital I/O is not compatible with Audigy2ZS!I am sure that you have a digital coax free on your receiver, I don't konw why you didn't just use the digital coaxial out from your card... PS: After that?do not?ask why you don't get surround sound via digital connection, but only stereo. It's just the way it is with your card.

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    Re: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue

    My apologies for being so stupid... So let me ask, what are my options?

    Should I buy a new card to go with the digital I/O module? If not, what kind of cables do I need to get digital sound? I would prefer to get the full 6 channel sound if possible.

    I need a 50 ft cable between my PC and my Recei'ver. Please let me know what my options are. I'd like to keep costs to a minimum.

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    Re: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue

    50 ft! Wow, that's probably too long to run all but the most expensi've analog cables, and even then you may suffer signal loss. What you need is a Dolby Digital *ENCODER* box, similar to our DDTS-60 (which we do not currently have stock of.) A digital encoder will take the 6 analog channels and compress them into a digital stream, optical or coax. Then you can use a single cable to carry it to your receiver, where it can be decoded again and played on your speakers in 5. surround.

    Good luck!

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    Re: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue

    I have the 50ft Toslink cable which will work just fine. All I want is the ability to play my iTunes through my home theatre. I'm not a big gamer or anything like that. I'm thinking that I'll sell my Audigy 2 ZS and get an Audigy SE, which will work fine with my I/O module. Do you think this will work? Will I get 5 channel sound with the SE or is it weird like the 2 ZS where you only get the sound from two speakers?

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    Re: HELP PLEASE! Audigy 2 ZS & Toslink Issue

    An optical connection can either carry a stereo PCM signal or a mono signal contain a compressed bitstream with a Dolby Digital or DTS encoded signal ( carrying upto 6. channels of audio ).

    Some soundcards with Dolby Digital Li've or DTS Connect ( or the Creative DDTS-60 real time encoder ) can encode an analogue 5. channel signal into a bitstream.

    When playing back DD or DTS encoded signals like when playing back a DVD, this signal can be passed out in 5. ( or 6. ). However for games and such there'll just be stereo unless DDL or DTS Connect is available.

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