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Thread: SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Nee

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    SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Needed

    Hello All..... I have done an extensi've search for drivers for my SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 USB sound card and unfortunately, I can not find them. It appears that CL has issued an end of service for this product and the only thing available are the driver updates. My original CD is long gone and now that I have a second PC, I want to use the same card. If anyone out there has the original CD or even access to the drivers, I'd be greatful if I could get a copy.

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    Re: SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Needed

    Left out to dry Greg?! If Creative won't give you the patch you're gonna be lost in my experience, because really they're the only people who can...sorry I haven't got them for you. Ask a guru maybe.

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    Re: SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Needed

    Didn't [url=" nLanguageFK=&sOSName=Windows+XP&region=&Product_Na me=MP3+%2B&Product_ID=54&modelnumber=&driverlang=0 33&OS=0&drivertype=0&x=23&y=5">this driver pakgage[/url] work?

    Have you tried using SB Digital Music (SB0270) CD (or SB Digital Music LX CD or SB Li've! 24bit External CD) which you'll find from BadBoy collection



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    Re: SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Needed

    Hi?In case you haven't had any success, I was faced with exactly the same problem (ie new PC and no SB0270 installation CD)?but I have managed to get my SB0270 up and running again. I found a driver specifically for the SB0270 on The download filename is USBD_COMBDRV_LB__00_0030. As regards the software I noticed someone?on another forum saying they used?the Audacity?product and I downloaded the .2.6 'stable' version. Lots of help for the software on wikipaedia.- and after a little familiarisation it seems to be quite good. If you want to export any captured music to MP3, you will also need to download the LAME MP3 encoder. Anyway I am happy to say that it is all working on my Windows XP laptop - and that my project to convert my vinyl to CD is back on!?Hope this hel


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    Re: SoundBlaster MP3+ SB0270 Drivers Needed

    +? I've tried all the above links and scoured the web for a working driver for this device--epic fail!? I've never been more furious with a company in my life.

    It would be one thing if they put out a CURRENT product that did what I needed it to do, but they don't. But to compound the problem by discontinuing drivers for one of their older products that DID work? And I don't know how many hours of my personal time I wasted jumping through the hoops of all those "driver update" sites that DID NOT GIVE ME THE DRIVER, just got me to install THEIR useless update software. I ended up having to get it from a Russian site, only to find out that it needed "Windows 2000 or higher"--apparently it can't read the version of Windows 7 correctly.

    All I can say is, I can safely say I will never purchase another Creative product, and I will tell others of this experience.

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