I have a Sound Blaster Li've! (the basic model, no 5., no 24 bits and Windows Vista Business. It supprised me there are no supported drivers for this relati'vely new and modern card either by Creative or Microsoft. I hope this to change in the future. However I got the digital sound to work by installing the XP drivers manually with some trickery. They work. However I have a different problem, which I believe is on a wider range of cards:

I can't find any way to change the default MIDI Out device. In all programs the midi always plays with Microsoft software synthesizer. I'd like to output to the MIDI port on sound blaster (the one on the joystick connector.) Is there any way to direct it there instead, even with any 3rd party application? What makes me troubled is that there's no option to choose nforce2, yamaha softsynthesizer, nor the on-board wavetable of Li've!. There's nothing related to MIDI at all in Control Panel or Sound mixer. As long as there is no solution to use real midi hardware I have to stick back to XP. Is there any way to solve this?