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Thread: 0404 EMU-ASIO driver in Cubase SX2

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    0404 EMU-ASIO driver in Cubase SX2

    Hello, Ive tried searching for this problem but it seems its nowhere to be seen.

    I have an EMU 0404 soundcard. Im trying to use the Direct Input lines on the 0404 to record in Cubase SX 2.0.1. In Cubase I can select the ASIO Direct X full duplex driver and the ASIO Multimedia driver and get audio coming through but with latency. The EMU-ASIO driver which is the one made for my soundcard can be chose but when it is there is no audio going through to cubase. If I check the 0404 interface I can see audio going through but it doesnt go through to cubase.

    Ive tried reinstalling cubase and the 0404 driver is up to date. I know that when this works I'll have no latency so I need to get this fixed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Re: 0404 EMU-ASIO driver in Cubase SX2

    How have you set patchmix?

    Read the documantation for patchmix software or download/use those pre-made session files maybe included.


    Search this (Pro) forum so you'll be able to find some additional links to resouces for setting up E-MU patchmix for recording.

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    Re: 0404 EMU-ASIO driver in Cubase SX2

    I do not know if you have the answer or not but in cubase for all the audio channels you can select a asio output for it through the emu 0404. First you have to set cubase to use emu asio and then select a user patch in the 0404 for cubase recording. After that is done you create an audio track then go to the inserts and select emu asio channel blah blah blah whatever by looking at the 0404 and seeing what asio channels are available. Your 0404 will then be controllin all the volume that is coming from that specific audio channel so I believe that you can turn that down. You can actually in theory use all asio channels to do your recordings that way so that you can have a virtual stand alone mixer. Hope that has helped if you have not gotten help yet. If you still find any confusion please email me at

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