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Thread: Zen MicroPhoto or Micro stuck in Recovery Mode? Can't update firmware? Try this

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    Zen MicroPhoto or Micro stuck in Recovery Mode? Can't update firmware? Try this ...

    I got these instructions from here:'ve/2005/09/3/472.aspx

    This is the only thing that worked for me to get my broken Zen MicroPhoto up and running again. It was stuck in Recovery Mode and my XP SP2/WMP laptop wouldn't recognize when trying to load firmware or in Creative Media Explorer or WMP.

    To Fix any problems with broken firmware form attempted "playsforsure"
    firmware updates etc where your pc finds it as a 20mb dri've and it sits
    in recovery mode and does bugger all:

    1. Uninstall all creative software & drivers
    2. Uninstall Media Player and Media Player runtime (will require a
    reboot for each thing). This is done by going to add/remove programs and
    uninstalling (this will put your pc back to wmp0).
    3. Re-install the Zen Driver from the creative website and reboot (I just reloaded Media Explorer using my ZMP install CD).
    4, Plug Zen in.
    5, Make sure you have the firmware update ready, run it but don't click
    the language bit yet), leave the mouse hovering over your language
    selection. (for ZMP, just start firmware exe file, there is no language selection. You can get the firmware update from Creative's site, go to SUPPORT and then DOWNLOADS).
    6. On the Zen- select "reload OS" (on ZMP I believe it is Erase or Reload Firmware, something like that, don't have it in front of me).
    7. As soon as it flashes up "reload new firmware now via USB" click the
    language button
    8. Now the pc should find it and allow you to re-load the
    firmware. (it may take a few attempts)
    9. Once complete, click close and restart the pc. Everything should now
    be fine.
    0. Once all is working, you can re-install WMP and it will work fine.

    I hope this helps somebody.

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