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Thread: Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install probl

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    reative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install problem.

    Lets start off with the system owned:
    Acer Aspire 9920G, Windows Vista Home Premium x86 32bit, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.2GHz/FSB: 800MHz/4MB L2 cache), 4GB DDR II RAM (2x 2GB), 2x 250GB (5400rpm S-ATA), NVIDIA GeForce 8600M-GT 280MB TC.
    With a realtek onboard HD soundcard.

    Now here's the problem:
    I purchased the Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook last monday, went home and read the instructions.
    I made sure to disable and uninstall the onboard card before hand and then pushed the card into the PCMCIA slot and press cancel on the automatic driver search vista gives me, afterwards starting the installation of the vista drivers that i downloaded seeing a small sticker on the box notified me that the installation cd would only work on XP.

    Mind you, this is on a clean install, i reinstalled the whole system in the weekend and made a full backup that can be put back in less then 40 minutes in case something would go wrong.

    Anyway, next thing i know after starting the install the system freezes entirely at the point where the installation says: "Updating windows drivers".

    Hard reboot is the following action ofcourse, system freezes up and refuses to boot only giving me all the nifty blue lights and a black screen.
    I pull out the zs notebook and reboot, works fine, however the second i push in the zs notebook the whole system freezes and i have to pull the plug yet again to force it to reboot.

    Only action left is putting the backup back and everything works fine again and now i can actually push in the zs notebook card again without the system crashing.

    I have tried multiple things after that reinstall so far with multiple results:
    - Installing the drivers listed for vista in the drivers section: install freezes, have to reset by cutting the power, but i can reboot with the card still in the laptop, however its not installed at all nor are any programs installed.

    - Installing with daniel's drivers: install freezes, cut power to reset and laptop refuses to boot with the zs notebook card in the slot and when in windows the card is pushed in the laptop freezes up yet again.

    - Installing either of both drivers in safe mode results in a normal correct install: no freezing or crashing however the second i boot up in normal mode the laptop freezes before loading windows and the power has to be cut yet again.

    So far every time this is fixed by using the recovery backup i made to have everything to normal again.

    Probable cause that i was able to find:
    If i install in safe mode the onboard sound card doesnt get loaded at all, then the installation of the zs notebook runs correctly.
    However, in normal mode even if i disable and uninstall the drivers for the onboard card when the install runs it triesto install both the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" drivers for the audigy zs notebook, but it also tries to reinstall the realtek onboard, and i have no clue how to get rid of that since there is no option to disable the onboard soundcard through the bios at all.

    Either way, the only time the laptop actually freezes is when the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" gets installed.
    If that process doesnt manage to install itself the system doesnt crash, but doesnt see the ZS notebook card either.

    Any ideas of random throughts that might help me solve this problem

    Also, sorry for the long post, but i tried to make everything as complete and detailed as possible because i really want this fixed seeing i own both an older 5. creative sound set and a logitech z5500 with THX and would like to be able to run both on my laptop when i am at home.

    Either way if i end up not being able to fix this i might end up swapping in the audigy 2 zs notebook for the x-fi xtreme audio notebook, problem there is though that it does not have THX and that i'll aslo have to seperatly buy the docking cable.

    With regards,


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    Re: Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install problem.

    Very informati've post.

    I seem to recall reading that this card has issues with some laptops.

    See here to srtart with.

    Known Incompatibilities:

    There have been reported compatibility problems with PCMCIA Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook and the PCMCIA controllers listed below. Creative Labs is currently working with the respecti've PCMCIA controller chipset manufacturers to develop solutions that would improve the performance of notebook systems with these chipsets. These updates will be available at[*]ENE Tech CB4 [*]Ricoh R5C476(II) [*]Ricoh R5C475(II) [*]TI PCI-520

    To check the PCMCIA controller of your notebook system, please do the following:

    For Windows XP and Windows 2000 Users

    . Click Start -> Control Panel/System
    2. When the System Properties window appears, click the Hardware tab
    3. In the Hardware tab, click Device Manager
    4. In the Device Manager, double click the PCMCIA adapters
    5. Check the PCMCIA controller model
    6. Close the Device Manager, System Properties and Control Panel to exit.
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    Re: Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install problem.

    Thank you for the reply split0,

    as for the informati've post, thank you for the compliment, i tend to not open a thread at all unless i have spent enough time on the problem and searched around enough for solutions, and after that i only post if it has enough info regarding everything in inside the thread.

    In regard to the known incompatibility list, unfortunatly this is one of the things i checked beforehand already.
    The PCMCIA adapter in my laptop is a Texas Instruments PCI-8x2/7x2/6x2 CardBus-controller.

    Which is one of the most common controllers and should normally not cause any troubles at all, also in another thread on this forum i found a differant driver for it, i even tried that with no result sadly.

    At the moment personally i am thinking the whole problem lies within not being able to uninstall the onboard sound card to full extent somehow, and while i posted here i also have all this info in a direct message sent to creative, and even acer for that matter.
    In hopes of some kind of solution for this so i can keep my hopes up for not having to return the card itself.

    What bugs me is that there is option at all to disable the onboard sound through the bios.
    Because right now whenever i install the ZS notebook card it checks hardware for the onboard first installing it again, then setting priority for the zs notebook.
    This is what seems to result in the crashes through a conflict in drivers in my idea, but thats just a hunch which i cant do anything about currently in regard to testing unless someone has an idea for me to try.
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