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Thread: SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7

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    SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7?

    % Can someone please post the drivers for the mentioned card. I am currently using the drivers i got from windows update but only 2 front channels work .

    I dont want to buy another card. Please help me get the 5. output from my basic card.

    I am using Daniels K drivers for vista and it works perfectly.

    Hoping that he releases the same for windows 7.


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    Re: SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7

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    Re: SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7

    )Re: SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7? Someone else that failed to read,

    daniel_k wrote:
    <p align="center">[color="#ff0000" size="3">This software/driver pack is unofficial, not supported by Creative Labs
    <p align="center">[color="#ff0000" size="3">and is provided as is, without any warranties.

    < Compiled on Jan 0 2009 by Daniel Kawakami >

    Supports all models of the following?Sound Blaster cards (based on Emu0kx DSP):

    - Audigy
    - Audigy 2
    - Audigy 2 ZS
    - Audigy 4

    For host-based Audigy SE/LS/Value and Li've! 24-bit cards on:

    - Windows 7,?use Windows Update to install a basic driver (Vista driver crashes your system).
    - Windows XP / Server 2003 /?Vista / Server 2008, click here.
    The Audigy Value is not a true Audigy and as a result CAN NOT use the drivers you linked to. They can however use the ones that Daniel linked to.

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    Re: SB audigy value drivers for Windows 7>

    ) I am very sure that Daniel can make the drivers for these for win7 as he did for vista.

    I can only get soung from my front channel using the basic driver i got from windows uodate

    Please Daniel let me know if you are in the process of making the drivrs for the value card.

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