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Thread: MxMgr.mxc needs reinstalled?

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    MxMgr.mxc needs reinstalled? ?

    I have a Sound Blaster sound card installed. The issue is I'm not able to open up the SB control panel. I click on EAX Settings and nothing happens. I click on Sound Mixer (MxMgr.mxc) and receive a message that says Unable to load needed compontents. Please reinstall the application. I click on Speaker Settings and it opens. I click on Diagnostics and it opens. I click on Graphics Equilizer and nothing happens. I tried reinstalling from the supplied CD, I've even tried loading support drivers through the SB site and come up with the same results...nothing. I get and and that states that the [I]-DoInstall fails to launch C:\WINDOWS\temp\CRF00\CTShared\CTRedist\Cadi\Setup .inx CTXCommonDoInstall return error code is -247024864. I don't know where to go or what to do from here.
    My Computer:
    HP Pavilion a74x Desktop PC-Product Specifications
    Product Number:
    Introduction Date:
    ? Base Processor:
    ? Athlon XP (b) 300+ 2.2 GHz
    ? -400 MHz Front side bus
    ? -Socket A
    VIA KM400A
    ? -Manufacturer: Asus
    ? -Motherboard Name: A7V8X-LA
    ? -HP motherboard name: Kelut-GL6E
    Component??? Attributes
    -Memory Installed?? 52MB (x52)
    -Maximum allowed?? .0GB (2x52MB)
    -Speed supported?? PC2700 MB/sec
    -Type????? 84 pin, DDR SDRAM
    -DIMM slots??? Two
    -Open DIMM slots?? One
    Upgraded Memory to GB (2x52MB)
    Hard Dri've
    -60 GB
    -7200 rpm
    8x DVD+R/RW DL Dri've
    (must use Double-Layer media discs in order to take advantage of the DL tech)
    Type??????? Attributes
    DVD+R DL Write Once?? 2.4X
    DVD+R Write Once??? 8X
    DVD+ ROM Rewritable?? 4X
    DVD ROM Read??? 2X
    CD-R Write Once???? 24X
    CD-RW Rewritable??? 0X
    CD-ROM Read???? 40X
    CD-ROM Dri've
    Max speed: 48X
    PCI k56flex data/fax modem
    Video Graphics
    Integrated with up to 64MB allocated video memory
    (Upgraded to 6200 Nvidia card)(AGP slot)
    -controller: AC97 audio
    -Location: Integrated
    (Upgraded to Creative Sound Card) (PCI slot2)
    [url"] n&jumpid=reg_R002_USEN[/url]
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance,

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    Re: MxMgr.mxc needs reinstalled?


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    Re: MxMgr.mxc needs reinstalled?t

    This may be caused by not uninstalling previous versions of the installed software. Or the file download may be corrupted.

    Check to see if theres any other creative mediasource 5 versions are installed other then the one version your installing. If so, uninstall the installed version and re-download the latest creative mediasource 5 software and install.

    If you still get the same errors. Completely uninstall and remove all creative software and start over. Also, delete the "CRF00" directory in "c:\windows\temp\crf00\"

    See if these things work...

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