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Thread: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations

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    XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations?

    Same problem is mentioned here:

    http ://
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    XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurationsS

    I found the solution for me - no cracks no pops

    http: //
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    XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations ?

    Although the interference method might work for some, I suspect it has more to do with what slot you have your x-fi installed into, and you might have had your problem go away simply becuase you installed it into a different slot, without realizing it, thinking your shielding is what did it.

    -I Have dual MSI hawk Nvidida gtx 460 gpus in SLI mode.
    -8gigs of RAM.
    -Overclocked I7 @ 3.7ghz
    -Msi BIGBANG xpower motherboard. (must have latest bios)
    -SSD RevoDri've.
    -Windows7 64bit pro
    -3d vision enabled
    -x-fi fitality extreme
    -corsair ax850 power supply.
    -strict power and signal wire routing, with tie wraps
    -very experienced pc engineer with electronic engineering background.

    System worked fine for many months then started exibiting the static / dolby digital dropout's when playing WorldOfWarcraft, in 3Dvision mode TODAY.

    After researching the issue, and trying all suggestions of SOFTWARE fixes, nothing worked.
    (beta drivers, and even the supposed nvidia registry fix)

    I then took my X-FI fitality extreme OUT of the X pci slot, and installed it into an X6 slot.
    The static issues went away. So did the dolby digital dropouts.

    I then installed it back into the X slot and the issue came back.

    I suggest everyone install their X-Fi cards in a x6 slot until creative and nvidia fix this issue with SLI and X-Fi

    Because my videocards are not top of the line, one in a x6 slot and another in a x8 slot won't make much difference (if even at all) than having both videocards in x6 slots. I would be willing to bet even todays TOP vid cards can't use all x6 bandwidth, and would work fine if one was as x8.

    Get that x-fi into another slot, preferrably an x6 slot, if you have a free one that isn't disabled from nearby slots being filled.

    Nvidia driver version 270.6 lets x-fi work fine in x slot with sli disabled.
    Nvidia driver version 275.33 won't let x-fi work in x slot with sli enabled or disabled.

    (they broke something in latest driver)

    Nvidia driver version 270.6 lets x-fi work fine in x6 slot with sli enabled.
    Nvidia driver version 275.33 lets x-fi work fine in x6 slot with sli enabled.

    I did NOT need to do any kind of special shielding.

    I WANT to be able to use driver version 275.33 with x-fi in x slot, so i can use my x6 slots for graphics, not a sound card (thats why I purchased the BigBang motherboard)

    If anyone would like pictures of my setup, I can provide them in a reply.. Ask in a reply.

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    XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations

    XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations?Bought and built an AMD system based on the 890FX chipset, was told by mobo manufacutre that they were unable to find out why I was getting the same static problem? all the Nvidia chipsets with SLI have been having. NO SLI just one video card and all the system components are AMD, other than the SB X-fi card.
    So, it is not just Nvidia that is having this issue, it is most of the new chipsets themselves, modifiying or changing the timeing for the PCI bridge does nothing to stop or even reduce the noise level, NONE of the fixes listed? here in these forums or any other forum have worked to fix the static issue which seems to be connected to the SATA 6 access of the dri've itself.
    Have no idea if this can be fixed without the participation of Creative, but I am sure thier lack of support for these issues points to the fact that it will get worst with IMHO no reduction in issues or problems. Also, I have looked but have been unable to find any replacement sound card offered by Creative that has the same spec's as the X-fi, which leads me to believe they know about this and are trying to ignore the problem until they have no one using that card any more

    Glenn A Nicholson
    IT Specilist/ Manager

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    Re: XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations U

    Quote Originally Posted by TechAnalyst View Post
    Im stating creative Titaniums dont have issues with the x58 platform, I cannot speak for creatives other cards, just for the Titaniums which work flawlessly.
    I have to Disagree with you on this point I am one with a X58 motherboard and I get distortion from my Titanium card So much so that I had to pull it from my machine and no I am not SLI enabled I am running 1 Nvidia 460gtx card and to date have not found a workaround for my issue with the sound card

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    Re: XRe: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations?

    Quote Originally Posted by JCOnline View Post
    From what I've heard neither Vista or 7 like Virtualization Technology. It can result in BSOD etc.

    But what really makes me wonder is what CPU throttling has to do with a Sound Blaster card? I mean - CPU throttling is exclusi've to the CPU and has nothing to do with the FSB or PCI-bus? :smileyindifferent:

    C states, especially those which power off cores increases ISR latency and increases DPC occurences which may result in higher DPC Latency.

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    Issues with static

    I have read the post about the sli nvidia cards causing static "since I am using sli" but that doesnt cause the issue it only happens in smite to my knowledge was wondering what I can do to fix it I am using A zxr

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    Re: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations

    A lot of issues may be resolved by disabling the "Link State Power Management" for PCI / PCI Express in the Windows Power options. The cards don't like power management on the PCI bus.

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    Re: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations

    This is how I removed the crackling noise, buzzing and distortion broken audio problems from my Sound Blaster Z, it works perfect now.

    My system: Windows 8.1 x64, Sound Blaster Z on an ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 MoBo.

    1. Uninstalled all Creative drivers and software through Revo Uninstaller. Also removed the Creative registry entries.

    2. Uninstalled Creative Sound Blaster Z devices through windows device manager.

    3. Rebooted and Disabled Driver Signature Verification as described in the post below.

    4. Downloaded Robert McClelland PAX drivers from 2014-12-16 for Sound Blaster Z/ZX/ZXR on his website forum, link provided below. They also have drivers for other audio devices, which may help remove crackling from them as it did for me.

    5. Installed the PAX drivers through setup.exe file provided within the 7z file.

    6. At this point, the audio was NOT WORKING AT ALL - THERE IS A DRIVER MISSING.

    7. I used the 3DGuru downloaded Creative drivers for Sound Blaster Z - which alone had given the terrible crackling and broken sound noises. Unzip the 3DGuru or Creative provided drivers on a folder. For 3DGuru, I unzipped the ZIP file from their website, then uncompacted the EXE file and then searched it for the INF file needed. Look for the inf file named "ctHda.inf", likely within the following folder "..\SBZ_CD_L13_1_00_28\Audio\program files\Creative\Sound Blaster Z-Series\Program\Driver". The 3DGuru drivers can be found in the link below.

    8. Right click on the "ctHda.inf" file and select install. It should install the last missing drivers for the Sound Blaster Z. The PAX drivers, when clean installed, don't have this one missing driver from "ctHda.inf".

    9. After this installation was complete, my sound was working PERFECT! No crackling or breaking audio whatsoever, and IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! WHAT AN AMAZING SOUND CARD!!! Totally worth the money, when it's workign properly.

    10. After trying to disable "What you hear" and force the card to capture only the microphone audio, without the whole sound mix sounds from games, I ended up messing the settings somehow, in a way that now my sound was AGAIN with CRACKLING AND BROKEN SOUND. This was after tinkering for over an hour with windows AND sound blaster sound settings. I don't know what triggered the return of the crackling.

    11. All I needed to fix the sound this time, was go to windows device manager and uninstall the Sound Blaster Z and Sound Blaster Audio Controller. I uninstalled both, without deleting any creative or PAX files from their installation folders. You just unninstall these devices from the device manager window, nothing else. I figured this would reset the sound settings I had somehow messed up, and I was right, everything was detected and automatically reinstalled after a normal reboot, and the audio was again working like a charm, perfect and cristal clear, with amazing bass and ZERO crackling noises.

    I took some information from the link below. It served as the starting point and stepping stone for me to fix everything. The steps therein were not enough but from there there was not much else that I had to deal with, I leave my greatest thanks to the author, FaTaL4u.
    Good luck, I hope this helps out whoever has these dreadful crackling, I know I couldn't stand it, and after buying a to grade sound card, crackling and broken audio is the last thing anyone wants to have to deal with, but these steps did solve the problem for me, and a few others before me.
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    Re: Static noise from soundcards encountered with Nvidia dual SLI graphic configurations

    I am glad that I found this thread. Somehow I've struggled with the static/crackling issue for several years and not stumbled onto any of the sites/forums/posts concerning this issue. I have two SB X-fi ExtremeGamer cards, one in each of two computers. The one in my old gaming rig started this three or four years ago. It seemed to go away when I unplugged my microphone. Since I rarely ever used the headphone, I just unplugged it and the issue seemed to go away. A couple of years ago, some caps went bad on my motherboard, so we ramped up the power of my wife's i5 system, added some memory and another GTX260 card in SLI and it became the new gaming PC. At some point about six months ago, at least a year or two after upgrading this computer, the front channel on this X-Fi started crackling too. I thought I must have a bad solder joint on the jack and moved to my onboard sound until I could troubleshoot the problem.

    I couldn't find any solder issues on the card so I started Googling the issue and found this thread. It was time format and reinstall Windows so I thought I'd play with the drivers in the process. Upon installing Windows 7 and installing the drivers, I noticed the crackling immediately. No grace period like I seemed to have had in the past. I made certain I had all of the most up-to-date video, audio and motherboard drivers but it didn't make a difference. So, as some people have suggested, I went into the nvidia app and disabled SLI. This didn't make a difference. So I physically removed one of the GTX260 cards and the crackling was not present after booting. I gave the system a full test and confirmed no crackling at any point. So, I shut down and reinstalled the second GTX260 and setup SLI. Still no crackling. That was a week ago and everything still seems good and stable and the sound is great.

    I've checked out both of my X-Fi cards as well. The original card that I thought was having microphone jack problems is fine as well. No microphone issues whatsoever.

    I guess I'll continue to monitor and, if the problem returns, I'll start by disabling SLI and removing one of the cards.

    - Byron

    My System:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
    Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz
    EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR
    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600-PC3 12800
    896MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 SLI
    Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
    ASUS VW246H
    Hard Drives:
    119GB ATA OCZ-AGILITY4 SCSI Disk Device (SSD)
    931GB ATA ST31000528AS SCSI Disk Device (SATA)
    931GB ATA WDC WD1001FALS-0 SCSI Disk Device (SATA)
    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850 V2 850W PSU
    Antec Two Hundred Case
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler & 5 120mm case fans
    Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard
    Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

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