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    0help!!! Zen vision m 30gb white screen issue!![

    0HELP!!! ZEN VISION M 30GB WHITE SCREEN ISSUE!![ Hey all,? I've been scouring the internet about the WSOD ( white screen of death). Everything I've been reading is for the zen player, I haven't seen anything for this problem with the zen vision m. Nor have I seen any solutions,? just a lot of speculation from firmware to hardware etc etc... I love my zen vision m and have had some quirks in the past that have been dealt with. But the WSOD is baffling me.. So here's my situation hopefully someone with some more experience maybe able to shed some light on this problem...

    ? My zen vision m gets the WSOD off and on....sometimes i'll start my player up and it's fine then later in the day it goes completely white, everything works fine with the player sound, buttons, etc, etc,? never had any damage to it...i can try to turn it on and off still nothing, done the reset nothing,? reloaded the firmware everything on here i've read i've tried.

    It's a total crap shoot I can forget about my plauer?for a while turn it back on and it's working again?? So I got the white screen this morning?again... So I tried something new I?have the cable where I can plug my player into my t.v. and my players?display will show up on the tv... So I plugged it into the tv while it was in the white screen of death....and Bam!!! ?on my tv was the normal display I?should have on my player. and when I unhooked from the t.v. my player display was still in the WSOD.

    hooked in back in to the t.v. and you could see the player display fine again on my t.v. That being said, I hoping someone with some more experience could possibly pin point the issue.... I know others are having this problem it's all over the net...hopefully? my situation can pin point whats going wrong with my player....

    thank you in advance for any help you can provide!!!
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    Sometimes the LCD just goes bad. It could be that the connection is loose. The output to the TV has nothing to do with the display on the player itself. This video shows how to open the player
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