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Thread: Sound card is messed up needs help!

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    Sound card is messed up needs help!?

    Okay, one day I was out of the house and my brother used my computer. I came back and my sound card is not working at all. He told me he was only playing Team Fortress 2 but I think he's lying. He did something that made the sound not work. When I restart my computer the sound does work for a while but then in 5 minutes or less it just suddenly makes a painful ticking noise and jsut sto

    I try to go in open volume mixer or playback devices but they dont open or they just freeze and i have to use task manager to close the windows.

    If I have my speakers turned off or my headphones unplugged the sound blaster is okay, it only freezes up when sound is played, and when frozen, it stays broken until i restart the computer. Sometimes when I restart it already doesnt work or when I try to shut the computer down it says the system cant shut down because it says its currently playing logoff sound so i have to end program to turn it off, and sometimes the computer doesnt shut down! It turns the moniter and mouse off, but the computer is still on and I have to hold the power button to turn it off. I reinstalled a fresh Windows Vista Ultimate hoping that would fix the problem but it still does the same, so its prabably not a software program, its the sound card or probably the moherboard. I have a HP computer with PCI-E Sound Blaster Xtreme Audio and have the latest drivers. Someone please help me I might need sound for an online summer coarse!

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    Re: Sound card is messed up needs help!y

    'Re: Sound card is messed up needs help!y someone2,

    Here are links to some threads on similar questions with some troubleshooting you can try. You may find more using the Forums search function. Checking that Windows Audio is started and set to Automatic is simple in XP, but Vista may differ. If you can run msconfig, disable everything on the Startup tab, and see if you get stable sound. If so, then enable items one at a time until the problem returns.

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    Re: Sound card is messed up needs help!

    ' Have you tried uninstalling the sound drivers that were affected and reinstalled them to see if it worked? If not it may have been corrupted and needs to reinstall a new driver.


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