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Thread: Creative ALchemy Guide and FAQ

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    Re: Creative ALchemy Guide and FAQ

    I'm having problems with Alchemy, Skype, Apple QuickTime and the 32-bit WMP in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit using a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro. Whilst everything else on the machine works fine sound-wise, anything that expects 32-bit access to sound and doesn't bother relying on the usual "bypasses" doesn't work. Those that expect a 32-bit physical sound card presence appear to be failing.

    So the stuff from the Audigy_SupportPack_6_1 works fine, Daum PotPlayer is ok, Media Player Classic (32-bit and 64-bit) are happy. Windows Media Player 64 bit is fine. Skype version 7.3 works as well. But any version of Skype later than 7.15 fails to work, as do (as mentioned) the QuickTime and WMP 32-bit.

    And Alchemy cannot even see the card. !!!!!!

    Oddly enough, Adobe After Effects (which requires QuickTime presence, but doesn't depend on it for Audio) works ok as well.

    I've tried just about everything - reinstallation-wise, Sound card, CODECS, Apps, the lot. And I've run out of ideas. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Rather annoyingly, this set up on this Win7 machine has been working fine for years until the recent spate of Microsoft Win-10 related installs and uninstalls via Microsoft update - although this may be just circumstantial.
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