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Thread: Why is SPDIF Input Settings grayed out? My card is supported...

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    Why is SPDIF Input Settings grayed out? My card is supported..

    @. I have an Xtreme Music (retail) and I'm using Windows 7 x64 with the latest creative drivers that supposedly restored DD/DTS decoding to supported cards. I've triple-checked and my card is definitely supported.

    However, in the Creative Audio Console, there is no Decoder tab, and the SPDIF I/O tab has the SPDIF Input Settings grayed out.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Why is SPDIF Input Settings grayed out? My card is supported...B

    Perhaps you have installed drivers on your system from Creative and perhaps you may have just let Windows Update install its drivers for you. Try this though:

    Go grab this package of drivers and applications........

    This package contains updated drivers and applications including Dolby Digtial Live and DTS Connect ENCODING (Notice I said encoding) but that is an appication that does the encoding. You are talking of the driver. So install the package and it will put updated applications that have fixed or corrected for installation under operating systems under than XP. Registry entries and .ini files can be properly updated so your operating system knows how to interact with some of these older applications. Once the package is in place you will have the proper console launcher and mode switcher to enable or disable encoding/decoding. The last thing you will need to do after installing the package is to reinstall your NEWEST driver. Then you should see all the options you are looking for in your Creative control panel/CONSOLE Launcher. BE sure to be in Entertainment Mode before looking for decoding options.

    I wish you luck and success as these drivers did wonders for me, and they make a complete format and reinstall of your operating system very easy.
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