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Thread: Wireless Music System Issue in Windows 7

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    Wireless Music System Issue in Windows 7

    I've been using the wireless music system for a few years and love it. However, I have an issue with it in Windows 7. all the software installs fine and appears to be functioning correctly. I did notice that the updated software driver does give me a network not ready error.

    The main issue I have been unable to solve is when starting the media server it shows it's running at the address of 27.0.0. not the address of the machine. With it running at this address the receiver never can find the server.

    I haven't been able to configure the receiver as I get a error message saying there is a problem with the wirelss network. when i do plug in the receiver, it lists the name I named it under XP. I am able to ping the device from Windows 7 as well as two other XP machines so it has retained it's address. When I boot back into XP it connects fine. I don't think the issue is with the receiver since when I go back to XP everything works fine.

    Does anyone have an idea how to make the media server run on the IP address of the computer itself rather than the local host address? I noticed also that in the properties for windows media player in the network section in Windows 7 it also shows that it is running on the same 27.0.0. address.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hate to think I might have to come up with something new.
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