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Thread: Win 7 X-Fi install cd?

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    Win 7 X-Fi install cd?

    Are there any plans to make available a new install cd for order with Windows 7 drivers? Not a big fan of jumping through hoops to piecemeal update all the apps to get compatable win 7 stuff.

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    Re: Win 7 X-Fi install cd?

    You dont have piece-meal anything. Daniel K. has done the work for you.

    Download this package:

    Make sure your card is in the list. Be positi've. Then run the setup. This will work in XP, Vista or Windows 7. Then install the newest drivers avaiilable from Creative specific to your model. Sometimes I update the Console Launcher. What I did also, was burn Daniel's downloaded files to a disc and put the updates in a folder. Works great and doesnt take long at all.
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    Re: Win 7 X-Fi install cd??

    AWESOME!!!! Finally, I get construti've help from this forum. Past issues have been met with flame messages against Vista/MS or Creative. Thanks a TON.

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