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Thread: [Audigy 2] - Low volume...again !

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    [Audigy 2] - Low volume...again !


    Once again, we are suffering from this bug, present in the drivers since Vista release, and now occuring under Win7.

    Just to make it quick, if I install any unmodded drivers, I get a volume so low it's not even funny. The only working drivers are either Daniel_k's support pack 2.0 or Youp Pax .05 alpha.

    Any of those two will give me a great sound.

    Now, if I install Creative's latest official, sound is so screwed it's not even funny anymore. Even my onboard sound card does a better job. Unfortunately, Daniel_k's 3. support pack isn't solving the issue.

    So I'm definitely looking for a solution here.

    Specs :
    Win7 x64. - 4gb (YAY for the mic. bug too) - Q6600 - 4890 - Audigy 2.
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    Re: [Audigy 2] - Low volume...again !.

    No one experiences that ?

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    Re: [Audigy 2] - Low volume...again !V

    Thanks to Daniel_k's latest support pack everything works as intended again.

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    Re: [Audigy 2] - Low volume...again !?

    I do experence that with Vista with the latest Daniel_k's support pack 3., especially with MIDI music. Any fix? or is it a vista problem?

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