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Thread: 6Controling recording through "What you hear",

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    6Controling recording through "What you hear",

    Dear community, Breif question, Is there any way to control what i record through "what you hear"?

    Im using "Creative MediaSource 5" to record. I'm recording a radio show through Internet Explorer 8, and its two hours long. I've turned off windows sounds, but if i play a game, or video it will record that sound aswell through "what you hear", obviously which i do not want. I feel restricted on my computer while recording and don't think i should be with a product from top developer like creative. I found small fix by using windows 7's sound mixer and turning down volume on all other open apps but it would be ncie to implenet this into a seperate "what you hear" mixer recording. If you know of any third party apps i would be much obliged if not don't you think this would be something to implement in the future?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my issue and hope you can solve my answer and look forward to your comments.

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