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Thread: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound

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    8Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound>

    My Older Desktop PC has an Asus A8V-XE Motherboard with a VIA K8T890 Northbridge and VIA VT825 Southbridge
    Chipset drivers have not been released yet but the latest Soundblaster drivers for the card (version 2_8_003) install properly and asks for a reboot (at which point the logoff sound plays fine).

    After the reboot the system comes back up but no sound is produced and also when attempting to test the speakers it gets stuck until you force the test to stop.

    Has anyone else had the same or similar issues ?

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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound?

    < Well ... I've finally given up on this garbage product. It's had issues since Vista's?release?and they never solved the stutter issue which has plagued many users (including myself). And with absolutely no sound in Windows 7, I?threw it in the bin this morning and turned on the onboard sound codec which works flawlessly using an updated driver for a sister codec model.

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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound

    I am running WIn 7 64-bit release version with X-Fi XtremeGamer and have no problems with sound. I honestly feel it may be the sound driver installation that crapping out. Google an uninstaller app called Revo Uninstaller and run that to purge your system of any reminants of old driver files. Then install the 2.8.003 driver again. It seems like your having a conflict of dirvers competeing for address space when u run the sound test check. This is most likely a failed install that never gave u a certain failed message.

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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound+

    <Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound+ Thanks for heads up Passionfly,

    I would have thought that conflicting address space would produce an error code 0 in the device manager?
    This doesn't appear to be the case. I've installed a clean Win7 build onto this PC and just to rule out conflicting drivers i actually loaded the X-Fi drivers st and it produced exactly the same result .... ( a logoff sound is produced apon the reboot request after driver installation) but after the reboot the problem occurs.

    I have also done a clean win7 build with all MS updates (checked their information on MS KB's and none should intefere with sound) and then installed the XFi drivers but same issue.

    Under Vista64 I suffered from Sound Stutter at Random moments which were only resolved with a reboot until next random moment but atleast it worked 90% of the time. I reckon the problem lies with the way the drivers communicate with the Southbridge controiller on the Board. Tried moving the card to another slot but no coconut.

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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound v

    its very likely that that particular beta driver may be causing a serious issue with your card. I play Warcraft and recently my game crashed 2 times and the sound was the fault. Once I set the ingame settings from "default" to the actual "X-FI Creative driver the problem went away. What I did in my Sound control panel in Windows 7 is disable everything but "Speakers" in the playback tab. Every thing else is set to disabled. In the recording tab Aux, Line-In and What U-Hear are all disabled and only my MIcrophone (Headset) is enabled. This makes it so the system has less issues to deal with just in case of a problem.

    I purchased my card for under 50 dollars refurbished and so far its working great no issues.

    SOund stuttering is a definately a driver issue. I get that o9nce in a while to and thats cause all my sound setitngs are completely maxxed but its very infrequent. I'm hoping future release versions of the X-Fi Extremegamer will correct these artifacts but atm they are very rare and last a second or so so not too big of a deal.

    What I hear you saying is your not getting any sound which is very puzzling to me. Let me suggest you uninstall the drivers using Revo Uninstaller then go into safe mode and install the drivers there for the sound card. This will eliminate other drivers form interfering with the install process.

    Have you contacted Creative abotu this issue? It may be time to get an actual tech support to start dealing with this problem. The thing to is they do have newer beta drivers available that have not been posted and can give u something to work with that I even dont have. Which is the version we all are using. They can also diagnose if the card itself may be faulty and therefore outright replace it. I can't make that determination.

    It took me a good few hours to get my headset and speakers working just like I want it with many restarts and pluging in to various ports. But finally everything works so I know its possible just have to get you the help u need to get yours working. Now when i plug in my headset my speakers shut off and I can play games at night and not bother anyone.

    Check the Event viewer for any error messages that are critical in your system. This may be a clue that something else may be causing a conflict and once that issues is resolved BAM you sound may start working. The Win7 event viewer is a very detailed and robust viewer with links to the MS website for the errors received.

    Keep us posted here and we will try and help u as best we can.


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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound

    <?A year later and this still hasn't been resolved. I just ran into this problem mid-October 200 after a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The card worked fine under XP Pro. 've got the same motherboard as the original poster and I'm having similar issues. After I installed the updated Win 7 64-bit drivers I get no audio and video stutters; all of this on a clean install. So now I'm using on-board audio with this card sitting in an anti-static bag in my desk. I'd like to use the card since I paid for the thing. As far as I know Creative still hasn't resolved the issue of the X-Fi cards not working consistently with Vista and 7. Like many here, I've always used and endorsed Creative products. But then again, Windows XP came out 0 years ago and I've never had issues on 98/ME/2k. I don't feel comfortable using their products anymore until these products are guaranteed to work with non OEM Windows installs. But who knows, we might get lucky and get some kind of answer.

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    Re: Windows 7-64bit + X-FI XtremeGamer installs but no sound?

    <same problem, just with a xtrememusic....i can get the card to install, but there is no sound. I open up the volume panel and there is no volume control. Comes up with error code 0. I thought myself it was a conflict with on board sound. However, i have it disabled in bios. So i dont think thats the problem. Im stuck myself using on board sound. Do any new cards come in PCI? i know they come in PCI-E, however, my video card blocks the only PCI-E i have.

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