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Thread: Windows has detected that audio enhancements....

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    0Windows has detected that audio enhancements....V

    0Windows has detected that audio enhancements....V So I just bought myself a nice new shiny CPU & Motherboard and got done getting everything setup. I'm running win 7 utlimate 64 Bit's -- 4 gigs of ram.

    Lo and behold problems with my audigy 2 zs drivers.. Big surprise, I know. Worst **bleep** driver programmers in history work for creative.

    This is the error I'm getting:

    windows has detected that audio enhancements for the follwing device are causing problems

    speakers creative sb audigy 2 zs wdm?

    would you like to disable driver enhancmements for this device

    Now I can disable or just ignore but the problem is nothing will play out of all my speakers .. A creative 7. inspire set.

    Music, games, movies doens't matter will only play like it's a 2. set eventhough it's set to 7. and if I "test" the speakers they all test working.

    I've tried the standard driver,? the beta driver and the sb audigy series support pack.

    Same deal with all 3.

    So what's the deal?

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    Re: Windows has detected that audio enhancements

    . The deal is ...

    Wait a bit more until someone smart enough makes a fix for all of these problems.

    I tried several cards Creative and Realtek onboard and all have the same problem.

    This is a Windows problem 99% since all cards mostly work the same and have the same problem.

    Just sit tight and wait. Or if you really want your sound back to FULL 5. go back to XP for a while >_>

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    Re: Windows has detected that audio enhancements.}

    Windows problem... I don't think so.
    *FULL* 64-bit OS, sound driver support, this is where the problem lies.

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    Re: Windows has detected that audio enhancements


    I have the same problem have 7 64 bit home premium upgraded from 32 Bit vista to 7 32 bit then did a full format and put 7 64 bit on there that came with my windows 7 store bought purchase... Do you think going back to 32 Bit windows 7 will fix the problem? I would give you my mother board specs and all that but I'm sure it's a 64 but issue... What I will tell you is that I have a gateway system GM5442 AND i'M USING CREATIVE AUDIGY 2 SOUND CARD...

    I think this is a 64 bit issue so I will email creative and see what they say! Yeah I'm not getting sound out of my 2 rear speakers. I have 4 speakers total including subwoofer...



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    Re: Windows has detected that audio enhancements

    Haven't seen a solution from them yet. My audigy 2zs blew out the other day and I can tell you this,? I wont be buying another creative product.

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