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Thread: HDMI connection through PCI-E Titanium and Nvidia GTX 275

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    HDMI connection through Auzentech X-FI Forrte and Nvidia GTX 2600

    Hi everyone.
    I need to ask here, because Auzentech support forums are an absolute joke, no chance for support

    I bought an "Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7." and I'm unhappy that it has no 2-pin SPDIF OUT internally to connect it to my Nvidia 260 GTX (for DVI/HDMI audio output).

    - Has anyone done the mod on the pictures ? Is it really necessary to break? the plastic cover of the DID_EXT plug ?

    - Is there a DID_EXT cable you can buy in the stores, modify it and unplug all wires except the 2 SPDIF outs ?

    - Can the 2-pin SPDIF IN on the Forte be assigned/switched as OUTPUT via hardware or software mod ?

    Thanks for participation.
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    Re: HDMI connection through PCI-E Titanium and Nvidia GTX 275?

    I think that you will be waiting a while for a reply. i still havnt got one, and am still trying to work this problem out. You do no that azuntech are also made by creative, so if ones gonna be useless so is the other!

    which pins is it that we connect the 2 pin SPDIF cable to, to go to the graphics card? on my titanium fatality i see the space where these HDMI 3 pin section is but i got no pins there!
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    Re: HDMI connection through PCI-E Titanium and Nvidia GTX 275

    my card is still beeing deli'vered to me, so i havent got a closeup of the digital extension plug, therefor i can't say anything clever about the pin connections yet. if necessary, auzentech has to give us the pin assignments. however, to connect the soundcard to the graficscard, only 2 pins are necessary, not 3.

    from the forte 7. pictures i have seen on the internets, the DID_EXT (left) is fully loaded
    so it should have an spdif out and a gnd pin.

    and i had the hope, the spdif in would be assignable/switchable to spdif out,then it would be much easier to connect the forte to the gfx card.
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    Re: HDMI connection through PCI-E Titanium and Nvidia GTX 275

    Hi there

    BIG thanks for this topic, i managed to connect GALAXY GeForce 8800GT with X-fi Titanium Fatalty!

    I have question thou
    is that normal that i need to turn on "Digital stereo MIX" to have sound over HDMI? (it would be nice to have 5. not stereo)
    System is: Win 7 U x64
    Hardware: SB x-fi TFP -> GF8800 -> DVI2HDMI -> TV LG LH4000

    I am wondering witch would be wrong,
    is GF too old and don't support 5. while outputting on HDMI
    or its maybe fault of DVI to HDMI
    less probable is it TV

    Please help!

    I also have Windows XP MCE and i tried there and i have 5. so its must be some thing with the drivers or configuration for Win7
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    Re: HDMI connection through PCI-E Titanium and Nvidia GTX 275

    I know this is old but I am trying to connect a PCIe Titanium Fatal1ty Pro to my 8600GT spdif-in. Currently I am using my onboard sound card for that, but I would like to disable it and use solely the Sound Blaster. My HDMI pins are not populated and it seems that most people connected through it. Does anyone know if it is possible to connect using some pins from DID_EXT?
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    HDMI connection through PCI E Titanium and Nvidia GT

    I would like to know what is a good video card from TNT2 and is a PCI Video card, ONLY. So is there any good PCI video card, that are able to play command & conquer generals and runs the game with no laging.

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