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Thread: Creative Media Explorer & Windows 7

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    reative Media Explorer & Windows 7?

    I have a Sleek Photo and recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7. When I went to load Creative software, everything went fine except Media Explorer no longer works. It seems to be looking for Windows Explorer as a shell and can't find it's Windows Media Player/Center works with the Sleek but Creative's program worked smoother as a shell (with XP) and for ripping. Is this a Window's 7 issue? Am I relegated to WMP from now on? As a side bar, the Zencast program works fine. Thx, TL
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    Re: Creative Media Explorer & Windows 7H

    I found this out the hard way too...the Zen Media Explorer does not work with Windows 7 in either 32 bit or 64 bit versions. You have to uninstall the Zen Media Explorer and use their new (and worse in my opinion) Windows 7 Creative Starter will work but it's not pretty. I believe the program once installed is called Centrale. You'll find it on the page for your specific media player. For example, mine is a Zen 8 GB and my software is available from the Zen homepage:

    Don't rely on the battery indicator in the software either. It's not accurate.
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