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Thread: SB Live! input impedance

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    SB Live! input impedance

    I would like to record my acoustic piano.

    I have a Realistic (Radio Shack) electret condensor PZM (boundary) microphone. It has DC power. It s impedance is 600 Ohms, the sensitivity is -74 dB (0.2 mV/Pa). If I assume that its max SPL is 20 dB, then my microphone max output level is 26 dBu.

    I want to use that microphone to record into my Sound Blaster SB Li've! version 2.00.32 sound card. It has a EMU0K audio processor. The sound card is an internal sound card and, by looking at my computer, it looks like the number 8900/0 has been stamped into the metal.

    What is the impedance of the sound card input

    Should I record using MIC IN or LINE IN

    Which pre-amplifier specs should I look for if I intend to purchase a pre-amplifier


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    Re: SB Live! input impedance

    Re: SB Li've! input impedance? The model/serial number on your SB Li've would be useful in identifying your particular card. If you have a mic input jack, use that for your microphone. You don't need a preamp for that except for a low impedance "studio mic." Here are the specs for input/output of Creative Soundcards of that vintage:

    Sensitivity : 0mv to 200mv
    Impedance 500-600 Ohms
    Stereo input jack:
    TIP Signal
    RING Bias (if available)
    SLEEVE Ground

    If it's a condenser mic the TIP and RING should be tied together.

    Studio mics, like low 25 Ohms, do not work with PC sound cards.
    Suggestion: For cleaner recordings use a powered/pre-amped mic
    into the line-in.


    Line level inputs.
    Sensitivity: 0v to 2v Most new PCI cards are RMS, most or all
    the old ISA cards are peak to peak.
    Impedance 47K-50K Ohms.
    Normal input should be about V.


    0 to 2V RMS or peak to peak.
    Normal output level about V.
    Impedance assumed 0K Ohms, some cards 600 Ohms.
    Described as: Gi'ven a full Sine wave at Khz tone
    and a 0K Ohm > Load should produce about V RMS

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