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Thread: Webcam Vista Plus!

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    Webcam Vista Plus!

    Hi everyone
    I have Creative webcam vista plus ( VF0090 )
    i downloaded the drivers
    But my windows says it can't find any drivers to install my webcam ( i'm on windows 7 )

    Please help me?
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    Re: Webcam Vista Plus!

    i have webcam vista plus vf0090 and windows 7 - MY CAMERA WORK to windows 7 and send email whit motion detection !!!!!
    what are you do to work your webcam vista plus !!!
    instal this drivers
    Creative Vista Plus driver update (version
    Filesize : 1.75 MB

    Release date : 27 Apr 05

    but remember this

    right click to DRIVER fail wcvl_pcdrv_us_1_02_02_0414_2.exe change capabiliti for windows 7 fail as administrator........wait to instalation proces. in finish instalation proces WILL death but dont worry just wait 20 secounds and your camera will blink light .......close instalation proces and instal web cam center for creative web cam vista plus .......please send that to other people !!!!! i find solution and very hapy of that. i love my camera and dont like to bye other cameras

    at the end i instal this webcam center whit capabiliti for windows 7

    Creative Live! Cam Center 2.02.05
    Filesize : 31.89 MB

    Release date : 13 Jul 07

    and make setting to motions detections that

    server to is -
    username is your ID whitout
    password your password

    if you dont know what is your SMTP server please check this sait

    have a nice day gays !!! ))

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