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Thread: X-Fi Titanium with Logitech X-540

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    X-Fi Titanium with Logitech X-540U

    anyone can help me how to connect the above-mentioned speaker with X-Fi Ti HD?

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    Re: X-Fi Titanium with Logitech X-540

    Connect the 3 colored wire to your pc's sound card.

    Green is front
    Black is rear
    Orange is center/sub. Top 3 jacks on rear of sub.

    Then connect the indivdual speakers to the corresponding jacks on the rear of the sub.

    Right front/left front etc,,,? The X-540 is a great surround kit.Enjoy.

    I just upgraded from these speakers to the Z-5500 on a Titanium "Fatalty" Champion.

    WOW!!!. I just wanted MORE. Great for sim racing.

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    Re: X-Fi Titanium with Logitech X-540?

    sorry, the X-Fi should be Titanium X-Fi HD. Anyway i had checked with others and result is it is not possible to link the speakers to the card so i've decided to sell off this card.

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    Re: X-Fi Titanium with Logitech X-540O

    ... You have a high end Titanium HD and you want to sell it's...

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