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Thread: Graphic EQ SB Audigy SE

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    Re: Graphic EQ SB Audigy SE

    But why is this amazing application not on your download section, and only on a lousy cd? People lose cd's, they don't lose the internet.

    It should really be for download, and the version if its only for Win XP still worked fine on Win7, just noting.

    If i can't get find me the cd or some "h4xx" download I just might have to throw away the soundcard, being worthless without an EQ. And having to buy it new, again... that's stupid, but well good for Creative business but loses respect.

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    Re: Graphic EQ SB Audigy SEs

    Quote Originally Posted by Risby View Post
    I just reformated my computer, and I'm missing the software for the Graphic EQ in Windows 7 64-bit, that I had last time. Don't remember I had a CD with the soundcard, It just installed itself trough Windows Update but not this time.

    What software has the Graphic EQ included? I have the Sound Blaster Audigy SE, and really need it to lower my bass.
    I found this link that worked for me as I was having the same problem. Installed new Creative software with EQ with no problems

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    Re: Graphic EQ SB Audigy SE?

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    Re: Graphic EQ SB Audigy SE

    Harold, I removed the link as it was irrelevant to this forum thread. Please keep your postings relevant to prevent deletion in future.

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