/sounds blur during gameplay while playing musicYHi,
I'm using the Creative X-Fi titanium with Windows 7 Pro, Core i7, 2 GB Ram, NVIDIA GF 470 GTX etc... Everything works out fine (works in games, works in music), EXCEPT when i'm trying to play my music with WinAmp during the gameplay, in games like Dragon Age or StarCraft II. Sounds might blur or even volyme might change... YES sound blaster enchantments are disabled from control panel (which fixed errors with plain music). This is very frustrating, I li've for music and like to play it in games, this all worked out fine with my older machine... Dualcore e4600, win XP, X-Fi X-treme Gamer etc. This project cost a lot of euros so im more than eager to get it work. I am a software engineer so dont suggest me things like updating drivers cos' I have done that without a result... If someone has any idea I'd be glad thank you!