WoW Headset USB?Hi have problem with my new headset who just wont work. I have done all steps from the installation "guide" and it wont work. When i try to open the Audio Control Panel it says i need to connect the headset device. In the device manager it says I have a Unknown Unit.

I have tried to install the headset on my brothers computer also and he got Windows Vista and it wont work there either.
Same goes for the Firmware program, i get a error message that say i need to connect a Creative usb product or something like that. This is really frusterating so I?ll probably send these headphones into the wall soon. Can it happen to be that i have got one of these "monday copy"?

I have got "help" from the Creative Support but their solutions wont work either. My USB connections work perfectly as my keybaord and mouse is USB also and they work on everyone of the 6 USB connections i have on my computer.
Should it be so complicated to get a headset to work which you payed 20euro for ?

Please help anyone who got a clue of what this can be.