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Thread: fatal1ty gaming headset

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    fatal1ty gaming headset(

    i plug it in and nthing happens.

    no sound, no mic

    im using windows 7 64-bit

    motherboard Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A78 Rev X.0x

    this is not teh usb or mk2 version please halp :C

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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headse

    i have the sound working but it is very very quiet even at 00% volume.

    no microphone working though.

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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headset?

    i have it working all of it.

    no matter what i do the sound of it is nowhere near the loudness i want it even at maxed volume.

    anybody help?

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    Whiz Kid
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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headset


    Can you please unplug the gaming headset, connect a pair of earphones to the onboard sound to see if the low volume persists? If possible please test the gaming headset on another computer, that should tell you where the fault lies.

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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headsets

    nope tried my old logitech headset (broken mic :P)

    the volume seems like it can go 0x louder

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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headset

    I presume you have already maxed out the volume on the headset? In that case, please check with your place of purchase or write to our Customer Support and ask for an RMA.

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    Re: fatal1ty gaming headsetZ

    it was my sound card for some reason :P. so i used the oboard sound and it works

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