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Thread: skype and fring

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    skype and fring?

    hello everyone ,

    i've tryed using skype and fring on my ziio and both folce close , i've also tryed installing older versions but that got me no where .

    any ideas ?

    skype : text chatting works fine , but as soon as i make or recieve a call it logs out.
    fring : as soon as i make or recieve a call ( audio and video ) the app is closed .

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    Re: skype and fring

    I get nowhere with SKYE, after I entered the User name and password, it just sits there,
    I install Google Map, Lattitude, all saying I have to set current Location in System setting, which I did.
    This gadget is not good, can be a DOA as many people said.

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    Re: skype and fring

    <span style="font-family: Arial; line-height: 5px; font-size: 2px;">I haven't personally tried this yet but a quick google on "android 2. skype not working" brought up some pages on the same issue. Not only with Ziio. <a rel="nofollow" href="]Here's[/url] one from the skype forum. Please note that these are third party applications and there is no guarantee that these apps will work perfectly on the device.

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    Re: skype and fring4

    I downloaded the beta version and it works.

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    Re: skype and fringL

    Glad to hear it's working. Is this the Skype Lite Beta .0.0.5.

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    Re: skype and fring<

    @ ?erictai :

    as far as i know skype beta is "skype lite "? which needs a phone connection to make calls ,? if you were able to download a beta version of the actual skype app please post a link to it here .
    orget about skype , how about fring and nimbuzz ? none of them works ! ... and why is skype on the zii space if it doesn't work ? i thought apps on the zii space and zii store were verified to work with the ziio .

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    Re: skype and fring?

    Try this link for SKYPE Lite Beta:

    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=","],[/url]

    The site has a lot of apps, but not all work for the Zii, e.g. anything Google and GPS related, the unit does not provide your location even when you are WIFI connected.

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    Re: skype and fringm

    @ ?erictai:

    it does work on ziio however for text chat only , it cannot recieve or make phone calls as it depends on having a "phone " connection which the ziio lacks .. the newer version of skype does work on the ziio for text chatting as well , the problem is voice chat isn't working .


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