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Thread: MMCSS Not Working? Audio RED XF

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    MMCSS Not Working? Audio RED XF

    Hi, I have been having problems with my audio not working. I have been dealing with this for a few days now..... I'm trying not to re-install windows vista. After reviewing a ton of info..... I'm now sure my audio problem is with the multimedia class scheduler service (MMCSS). The MMCSS is a dependency of windows audio. When I checked MMCSS in services I found that in services under description MMCSS has a "FAILED". When I try to start the service I get an error "could not start on local computer -- error 93: 0xc". I would then right click on MMCSS in services and hit refresh....nothing happens. I then right clicked and clicked on properties: I got "configuration manager: general internal error occurred". So it looks like my audio RED X problem lies with the MMCSS.

    I reviewed different threads on the internet and some say to remove MMCSS, reinstall Vista, Re-install sound cards, and a bunch of other ideas. I'm sure which way to go with this......and advice? I have a dell laptop / inspiron 545 Vista 32 bit. I appreciate any advice.
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    "Re: MMCSS Not Working? Audio RED X0

    problem vista OS

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    MMCSS Not Working Audio R

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