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Thread: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue

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    Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue

    Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issueHello,
    I recently bought the Creative Inspire T6160 set, and it arrived today. (Yay)
    When I connected everything I booted up my computer, and launched Modern Warfare 2 (Just to check if the 5.1 output works fine.) In the main menu, there was very little to no sound coming from the subwoofer. Strangely enough, when I started up a match, it worked fine.

    Now this is where the problems start.
    Right now, I have a little bit of sound coming from the subwoofer (It's in fact barely noticable) when I listen to music or play a game. You can hear the bass when the volume is maxed out though, but... Well, the music is ear-deafening then.

    Is there any way to solve this problem, or should I send it back?
    Thanks in advance,
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    *Re: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue5

    Hi Xythus,

    Welcome to Creative forums!

    When you say volume is maxed out, are you referring to the volume controller? There is a separate controller for the bass found at the back of the sub. Try adjusting the bass level and see if that helps.
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    *Re: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue?

    I mean both the Volume controller as well as the Subwoofer controller, that's the first thing I checked of course.
    Also, thank you for the quick reply!

    Kind regards,

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    *Re: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issueh

    Update: It seems that the subwoofer is working properly again, and I didn't actually do anything to fix it....
    It's 7:30 AM here though, and I don't want to wake up my neighbours, so I'll check it again later today.
    Has anyone got an idea why the subwoofer suddenly works again? It's pretty weird...

    Kind regards,

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    *Re: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue,

    Update 2: Neeeevermind, I booted up the computer, and the subwoofer worked half (It was noticable, but still not like it should be) and after I went downstairs for 20 minutes it stopped working again. I'm close to returning the set, this is just too much stressing for setting up a speakerset.

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    Re: *Re: Creative Inspire T6160 Subwoofer issue,

    That's what's going on with them:

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