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Thread: ZiiO 7" Firmware 1.00.28 released

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    ZiiO 7" Firmware 1.00.28 released

    Hello Everyone,

    There is a new firmware released for ZiiO 7".

    Release date : 26 Jan
    File Name : ZiiO7_fwupd__00_3to_00_28.apk
    Filesize : 93.5 MB

    This download contains an improved version of the firmware on your ZiiO tablet (7-inch screen), and is intended for firmware version .00.3. It includes updated applications and widgets, and several fixes. For more details, read the rest of this Web release note.

    • Supports Japanese text input.
    • Adds a touch screen calibration option in Settings > Sound & display.
    • Improves ZiiPhoto's performance.
    • Adds the Task Manager widget and filtering option.
    • Improves the the following widgets:
      • Pure Android Audio (PAA)
      • SDcardWidget
      • ZiiMusic
      • ZiiAcademy
      • ZiiStore
    • Fixes Bluetooth related issues.
    • Ensures Chinese IME stability.
    • Addresses some noise issues when resuming from standby.
    • Resolves audio related issues with certain VOIP applications.
    • Removes 'duplicate' icons on the Home screen.
    • Fixes issues when ZiiPhoto initially scans photos.
    • Fixes detection issues when connecting to a computer.
    • Ensures hassle-free download on ZiiO Space.
    • ZiiO tablet (7-inch screen) with firmware version .00.3
    • When connecting to your computer, the OS should be Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit Edition
    • After installing this firmware, you will not be able to downgrade back to the previous firmware.
    • You can check the firmware version by tapping Settings > About. The firmware version is displayed under Build Number.
    • Before you install this firmware:
      • Back up the tablet contents.
      • Delete current widgets on the Home screen so that the upgraded widgets can take effect.
      • Ensure that ZiiO's battery level is at 50% or higher.
    • You can install this firmware by downloading it directly to your ZiiO, or by downloading it to your computer first.
    To install this firmware by downloading it directly from the Web to your ZiiO, do the following:
      • Download the ZiiO7_fwupd__00_3to_00_28.apk file to your ZiiO.
        The file will be stored in your ZiiO's internal memory.
      • After the download is completed, tap the ZiiO7_fwupd__00_3to_00_28.apk file in the popup box.
      • Tap Install in the popup box.
      • After the installation is completed, tap Open.
      • Follow the instructions on the dialog box that appears.
        Important: Do not power down your ZiiO during the firmware upgrading process unless you are instructed to do so. After the upgrading process, your ZiiO will restart and display the Home screen.
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