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Thread: Broken touch screen

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    Broken touch screen

    I was at hospital with my son, and he dropped my ZiiO 7 to the floor. And unfortunately he broke the touch screen on the right corner, so the whole bottom of the touch screen is not functional now. Could you please tell me if it is possible to replace the whole touch screen? And how much would it cost approximately.

    Thanks in advance.
    Fekete Imrich
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    Re: Broken touch screen?

    Hello Feky,

    Welcome to Creative forums!

    Sorry to hear what happened to your tablet. You can actually send this for repair (most probably you will receive a replacement) but it will cost you as much as that of a brand new one and the shipping from your place to the service center is also not covered so you'll be paying for the repair charge + shipping.
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    Re: Broken touch screenT

    Re: Broken touch screenTMy touch panel broke much the same way. I'm not sure why it's not possible to just replace the touch panel if the LCD screen is perfectly fine. I'm going to try and do a self repair on mine using this touchpanel from a shady Chinese Ebay seller: STRK:MEWNX:IT?

    Here's some pictures of the opened device showing the isolated damage:
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    pic 3
    Pic 4

    Turns out the touch panel is literally just held in with industrial double stick tape. If not for the ribbon cable, you could pull it off the device without even opening it. (Beware of glass shards though, mine fractured into about a dozen pieces.)
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    Re: Broken touch screenk


    Judging from the pictures, the device appears to be functioning. All you need is just to replace the touch panel. If you are familar with electronics, you might want to repair it yourself or get someone qualified to do it for you since broken touch panels aren't covered under warranty. Good luck with repairs.
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    Re: Broken touch screen

    Yeah, that's what I'm going to end up doing. Just ordered a screen from Ebay. Hopefully it'll fit the frame with no problems. If everything goes well I should have a working device, though with several gouges on the sides from trying to pry it open.
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    Re: Broken touch screen?

    Re: Broken touch screen?I bought the ZiiO 7 barely 2 months ago, and recently I dropped it from my bed and the touch screen broke.

    I brought it to the service centre and was given the same answer: "Paying for?the replacement of?the touch screen is equivalent to the price of a new set."

    Creative has no repair centre in?Singapore; Other brands like Sony, Olympus,....... can do repair here, why is Creative so different?

    Why?should they expect customers to pay for shipment fees when other companies can set up their repair service here (saving the customers the extra fees for shipment)? Why is replacing a simple touch screen so difficult & expensi've?

    Being a customers, why do I have to bear the brunt of Creative's poor after-sale service approach to?problem solving?

    I will not buy Creative product again. The company is out to make money, without giving any thoughts to it's customers. I feel sad that I have to throw the new ViiO 7?into the rubbish bin, because they can't replace a simple touch screen for me at a reasonable cost. I have copied tons of songs, video, e-books.......... to my ViiO & now.....all wasted!!!!!!

    So much being "Creative"

    !!! Creative in every means to make money without any?thought for it's customers!?

    Thank you for making me realise my mistake. A few years ago, one of my friends had warned me not to buy any creative products. She bought a video camera that kept breaking down after Creative's attempts to repair it. She gave up finally. I am not sure Creative had really repaired it after reading from this forum about the others' grievances.

    To those who bought the ViiO, I say Good Luck to you!? Don't break it or you will regret as a customer!? The ViiO breaks easily!
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    Re: Broken touch screen

    I clicked on the eBay link and looked at the replacement touch screen. Did you get it? Did it work?

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    Re: Broken touch screen

    yes and i want to know did it work?

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    Re: Broken touch screen

    It seems to be an endemic problem. Creative needs to discontinue this product and come out with a Ziio2 that uses Gorilla Glass. This product is going to do damage to the company's reputation.

    And why wouldn't Creative fully honor their warranty? At some point they're going to have to empty out the warehouse to fill it with an improved Ziio. Why not provide good customer service along the way? It's not as if those inferior products in the warehouse are going to generate much in the way of margin. As far as I can tell from what I see in the retail chain, Creative is trying to shed them as fast as possible.

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    Re: Broken touch screen

    I went to Sim Lim Sq to find repair shops, but none offer to repair a Creative tablet, as if it is unheard of. I think if you have an iPad, you have some hope.

    The service personel at the creative service centre said it is uneconomical to repair, and the only option is to replace a new one.

    I finally got the message.

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