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Thread: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

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    X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    I have an X-Fi Surround 5. USB (SB090) and I noticed in Windows 7 some odd behaviour regarding the optical digital (Toslink) output and the selected ouput sample rate.

    Though 6 different rate/bit-length options are seen in the pull-down list in Windows, only one of them actually works (48kHz) and only two?outputs (48kHz in either 6 or 24 bits)?can actually be produced!

    I'm using Win7 x64 and the latest driver from Creative's site, "XFXA_PCDRV_LB__0_0099.exe".

    Selecting the default output rate in Windows has the following effects:

    Setting 48kHz/6-bit (aka "DVD quality" in Windows) will actually output 48kHz/6-bit.

    Selecting ANY other rate, regardless of what it says, actually outputs 48kHz/24-bit.
    I.e. selecting any of
    44.kHz/6-bit ("CD quality")

    ALL result in sound output but?output that is 48kHz at 24bits, and NOT the rate that is shown (with the exception of that rate itself of course). So it tells you that's the rate but that's not what it outputs (my receiver shows what the incoming stream is).

    The SB090 itself is capable of outputting all of?these rates, I do know that much, but none of them seem to work in Win7 with this driver except 48/6 and 48/24. Therefore I'm assuming it's a driver issue?

    I've tried every driver/setup option I can think of to get 44./6 output, including disabling all enhancements, enabling/disabling exclusi've and priority modes, and even using WASAPI streaming...none of these work. (Trying WASAPI in exclusi've mode to overrride the driver seems to freeze my player as well.)

    With the Creative drivers removed (and running on the built-in Win7/MS driver) I noticed one other oddity. 44./6 is a selectable rate but selecting it causes an error message in Windows to the tune that "the device does not support this output", despite it being listed. However with the MS driver I can get 96kHz output working (only 6-bit I believe).

    Anyone know if there is a fix for this or if they will update the drivers to fix it? I've emailed Creative support as well.
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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64??

    I have been struggling with the X-Fi Titanium PCI card for days trying to record CD quality tracks. It is possible using the ASIO driver but not the Creative Audio In Drivers such as "What U Hear". It seems that a Sampling Rate of 48K is required to be set in the Creative Card and the Sequencing software to record without artfacts.

    Is it that difficult to actually produce drivers which work properly?
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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?3


    Here's what I found out:

    The sample rate of the SPDIF endpoint is controlled by the speaker endpoint sample rate instead of SPDIF endpoint sample rate. By default, speaker endpoint is set to 48kHz. If the user did not switch the output, then the SPDIF out would also be at 48kHz.

    As for the bit depth, the device support only 24bit streams in USB2.0 mode. 6bit support is exposed through the driver. Thus the SPDIF out will always output at 24bit irregardless of whether 6bit or 24bit is set.

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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?h

    FNormally you get samplerate changed by setting the clock sync source properly and use equal samplerate on both ends -> If both devices (sender/receiver) supports 44.kHz then, it should be possible to stream using that samplerate. If the receiving device supports just 48 or 96 then 44.should not be possible.


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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    Tried changing the speaker output settings to 44.kHz, but the output is still 48kHz. Also tried the previous beta driver, to no avail.

    Odd that it only supports 24-bits output in USB 2.0. Does that mean if I change it to USB .x (full-speed) then I would get 6-bit's? I swear I thought I had 48/6 working before as well but now, as you say, I can only get 24-bit output.

    As for the receiver supporting 44., that it definitely does. (I've never even heard of a CE device that accepted 48kHz and not 44.). However that would not restrict the X-fi USB from outputting whatever sample rate anyway, as S/PDIF is a one way communication (i.e. the receiving device cannot communicate back to the output device what it is capable of receiving).
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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    thank you so muck

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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I never did get this resolved. I sort of just lived with it the way it was for a while. (Oddly it looks like some of the above messages were corrupted and "1"s disappeared--16 turned into 6 for example.)

    Anyway I recently did a reinstall of Windows and noticed there was a new driver released since then, USB_PCDRV_LB_1_02_0000 or 1.02.0000.

    I thought that was good news and maybe they'd fixed the problem. Nope. Unfortunately this did not do anything new, the driver still does the exact same thing.

    When selecting the output as "S/PDIF Out", no matter what bit-depth or sampling rate is selected for the device, it always outputs 24-bit / 48kHz . It doesn't matter if you're using directSound, waveOut, or WASAPI modes, it will be that output type no matter what! Even if you tell it only 44.1kHz is supported, it doesn't matter, it still outputs 24/48.

    Even using WASAPI exclusive mode I'm not sure what the driver/device is doing because the output type is still messed as above and the volume control still works, something it shouldn't do.

    When selecting the output as "Speaker", the optical out still functions and then you can get 16-bit/48kHz if you set it to that specifically, but otherwise it will be 24-bit and either 48kHz or 96kHz. It outputs as follows:
    Set to 16/44.1 you end up with 24/48
    Set to 16/48 you actually get 16/48
    Set to 16/96 you end up with 24/96
    Set to 24/44.1 you end up with 24/48

    Set to 24/48 you actually get 24/48
    Set to 24/96 you actually get 24/96

    So for "S/PDIF" the output selection is totally broken; for "Speaker" it only works properly for three of them (16/48, 24/48, and 24/96) and is broken for the other three. Most importantly you can NEVER get 44.1kHz output either at 16 or 24 bits.

    Is there any hope this will be addressed in a future driver update? I mean why even show those rates as available and selectable if they don't do anything?
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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    I guess nobody has anymore thoughts on this.

    I've come to the conclusion that the actual hardware just isn't capable of it, because of the way Creative designed it. I've seen the pictures of the internals elsewhere on the web that show the ICs and all that, shows that the processor is capable. However it looks like Creative didn't make it possible, just as is the case with the newer "HD" USB X-Fi as commented upon by HardOCP in their review of it. I'm sure the other one (the X-Fi USB Pro) is the same too.

    I tried everything from the Windows built-in USB driver to the Creative drivers (beta and proper releases), to 3rd party drivers, etc. Nothing allowed 44.1kHz. Tried the "Speaker" output, tried the "S/PDIF" output (which seems to be the same thing anyway ... Tried everything. Tried WASAPI output but it's funny because it seems when you do that Creative's drivers still pass the output through the volume control (which really shouldn't happen) because it still works. The only combination I that takes the volume out of the picture is the built in Windows driver + ASIO4ALL. However not even that would give me 44.1kHz output--instead there was just no playback at all

    Interestingly the Windows driver gives an error when you try to output 44.1Khz digital, says the hardware isn't capable. I guess it knows best because it ain't. Creative OTOH tries to fool you with it's drivers! You're able to set it to various sample rates without error but in reality it's not doing that. I guess most people would never notice as not all receivers (esp. older ones) tell you what the stream being received is. I don't get Creative's desire to lie about the ouput though. Why not just say from the getgo it can only do certain rates? And let's not even mention the crackling audio output with the drivers when scrolling in IE (which I don't even bother with 'cause it seems there will never be a fix for that either).

    Though I was pretty neutral about CL before I think I'm beginning to understand why they get ragged on so much on the intarwebs. They always seem to go on in their marketing about the great benefits of their products and many of them they seem to consider as "audiophile quality/grade" products (the box for the "HD" version even says "Audiophile" right on it LOL). In reality if they can't get something as simple as native 44.1kHz output right, I'm not sure what else they are getting wrong. Since even the "HD" version suffers the same limitation, I'm not sure what is wrong with the designers but there you have it. If their other products do the same nonsense it's not a surprise to see that nobody would ever use them for any serious audio work.

    Seems a bit stupid that they would leave out support for 44.1kHz digital output, given that is what the vast majority of music (whether it be CD or MP3s) is stored in. And given pretty much every basic audio solution with digital out on motherboards, etc. supports it since Azalia was introduced. (In fact everything before and after AC97 really as it was only AC97 chipsets that were fixed at 48kHz.)

    I would have just been using the coax. digital out on my Dell D620's dock (which does 44.1kHz no problem) but the problem there seems to be it always causes a "hiccup" on my receiver where I have to switch on and off that input to get it to get a DIN lock on the signal (not sure why that happens but yeah it always does it with the coax output on that).

    I guess I'm just gonna give up on this. I mean I'm probably not hearing a difference in the sample-rate conversion, I know that much. But it is just a bit annoying to see those selections in the audio control panel, which are just plain lies that Creative clearly knows about.
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    Re: X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB) sampling rate locked at 48kHz in Win7 x64?

    This a really old thread but I'm adding a comment.

    I have a SB1090 and Win 7 64-bit that I've been using to convert vinyl albums to WAVs. I had thought I was converting them to 44khz/24-bit because it was set to that in Windows Control Panel...and also in the mastering software I was using. But after reading the comments above I got suspicious. So I connected my 1090 to a Win 7 64-bit laptop and ran the digital optical out from the 1090 to my Denon receiver.

    • When playing a wav I had thought was mastered into 44k/24-bit the receiver showed it to be 48k. (the receiver doesn’t show the bitrate).
    • Changing it to 96k in Windows Control Panel did show the sampling rate coming in as 96khz on my receiver.
    • But nothing I could do in any control panel would allow the sampling rate to drop to 44khz.

    There’s no reason I can think of Creative would have locked the 1090 to only allow 48khz and above unless it’s a licensing issue involving cost. The product is marketed as a 5.1 surround unit for movies and gaming. Maybe Creative decided that 44khz CD audio was obsolete and no one would be the wiser?

    A shame because despite this being a video/gamer product it would have been an excellent inexpensive ADC for remastering audio. The Cirrus CS5345 chip used can handle 44khz but nowhere in the SB1090 or 1095 specs is 44khz mentioned. So we may be out of luck.
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